Thursday, May 5, 2016

Gideon Welcomes Spring

Spring time with a sweet little baby cakes is so much better this year!!  It is the highlight of our day to go on walks and talk about the trees and animals we see, listen to all the sounds, feel sun on baby toes, and enjoy the gorgeous weather!

This kid spits out his liquid Vitamin D supplement like it's his job so I have to expose him to some sunshine without sunscreen and a hat (my mama instincts are BLARING when his white legs are just sitting in the sun) but we only do 10 minutes or so once a day.

Just today we went on a long walk with Grammy and she made sure to take us to the most exciting park in all the land!  There were Gideon-sized swings and I think this kid has a found a new calling in life...swinging!!

His face says it all--this is the good life says Gid!!

On the walk home we found a an adorable little honor-system "library" off the walking trail/on the outskirts of someone's backyard.  So I traced Gideon's hand as his signature (ha!) to sign out the book and we will return it next time we are on that trail.  

We choose books with as many words as possible and the bigger, more complex the words--the better!!

Seriously, how creative are people?  This made our day.

Since the weather is so pleasant Ryan and I have been doing some landscaping out back this week.  We are pulling weeds, laying new mulch, and cleaning up the yard.  Gideon hangs with the doodles and does major work with his toys while we work.

Grumps the protector and Poppy the lover

Gideon has really been doing better with eating!!  Some days he just makes a mess and eats nothing but other days I find lots of things in his diaper later (TMI) so I know he's taking in more than I think.

Just to convince you to do Baby Led Weaning, this was an example of our dinner the other night.  We had a Mediterranean appetizer dinner (olives, cheese, artichoke hearts, fresh vegetables, hummus, etc) and I just gave Gid appropriate sizes of most everything.

He ate the olives (sliced-duh) and hummus first!  What almost 9 month old eats olives??

For breakfast he had cottage cheese, quartered blueberries, and cheerios.  And then his dinner was the appetizer dinner just like mom and dad.  My motto is lots of color and always fresh.

This child is so happy!  He is in a "mommy-stage" right now so we spend more time lately just cuddling on the couch and playing with puzzles or his kitchen.  He will literally lay across my lap so I will tickle his bare legs, play with his hair, and rub his belly HA!!  

Whatever it takes to get more cuddles!

We have a full weekend ahead celebrating MY FIRST MOTHER'S DAY!!!!  I am really thrilled.  We have the zoo with my family, church Sunday morning, a dinner with Ryan's side, and hopefully some special time as just a little family of 3 too.

Have a wonderful, blessed Mother's Day and I'll post pictures of our weekend soon.

 Stop trusting in mere humans, who have but a breath in their nostrils. Why hold them in esteem?
Isaiah 2:22

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