Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring is for Living Well

There are too many wonderful things to even post about but here are the highlights as we dive into spring!  We are thrilled about an early spring-the warmer weather the better, we even ate on our back patio outside this evening :)

First, we spent Easter as a family at church and then walked a really scenic trail on the way to Easter dinner.  We had dinner with my side of the family and stuffed ourselves on a truly delicious meal cooked by my parents.

The boys got out of this world Easter baskets!  They were "summer-themed" and my mom clearly put a lot of thought into them.  They got personalized beach towels, a pool bag, swimsuits, hats, bubbles and stuffed bunnies.  She put together baskets for the parents too which was way too generous!

Gideon and Jay don't even know what's about to hit them with these unbelievable baskets!

We've been getting to have lots of fun with all our short friends and their mamas lately :)  Gideon has so many friends that he loves to interact with and the older the better because they can hand him more toys haha  

I see parts of his personality that makes me think he's a little introverted (enjoys some recharge time alone with toys after a busy event) but other times he just lights up with people and other little ones like he's hit his jam.  He's a complex little guy that's very versatile.

Gideon and Isaac getting to play while Hannah and I packed up their house

Every single year since Ryan and I have known each other, been dating, engaged and now married we have gone to Colorado School of Mines (Ryan's alma mater) E-Days.   The only year we missed was when we were living in Saudi Arabia!

 There is a cardboard boat race that is so unique and fun to watch.  The students can only use cardboard and duct tape and have to make it down Clear Creek.  It's FREEZING water and while a lot sink, many make it to finish.  How fun to have Gideon join us this year!

We are the whitest family in all of history so we sport all the sun protection gear!  Hats, SPF 50 sunscreen and both Gideon's hat and Ryan's shirt have SPF built in #dorks

We went to the races with the Clarks, some of our absolute favorite people.  These are the friends that we literally laugh with non-stop but somehow also manage to talk real life with too.  We love them (and wouldn't be sad if Josie became Josie Decker later on in her life :) )

Gideon literally could not have been any happier about his life that afternoon.  His bouncer was STUFFED with toys that Peyton and Josie so generously handed him.  He adored Peyton and I am thinking about asking his parents if I can contract him out one day a week to keep Gid entertained

The UP boat!  A crowd favorite for sure and it didn't sink!

Living well in spring has meant for us spending as much quality time as possible as a family.  We have dinner when Ryan gets home from work and then always a 45 minute walk.  On the weekends we are getting together with family and friends or just having "family dates".  We went to the Apex Rec Center and had seriously the best time!

Ryan took Gideon down the big (I mean BIG) slide.  Like they had to climb 2 flights of stairs to get to the top and it winds outside the building in the pitch black at one point.  My 7 month old is brave!  We went in the lazy river, splashed in the big pool and warmed up in the hot tub to round out the morning.  I love time with my boys!

Gideon in swim trunks, I can't handle it!

Two weekend ago I hosted a brunch for some friends from nursing school that I have stayed close with.  No matter how much time has passed we always pick right back up where we left off.  While I am not currently working, I live vicariously through these ladies and hear about their crazy adventures of nursing.  I'm so proud of them!

Nylah and her daughter Moriah, and myself holding Penny (Ashley's daughter).  We all stuffed ourselves on quiche, french toast casserole, bacon and fruit.

I feel like Gideon just needed a few solo pictures as we near the end of this post.  This child is the absolute light of our lives!  He had a harder week last week for reasons unknown to his mama but this week he has just lit up back up and is soaking up life again.  

Every single day that passes he reveals something new about himself, shows off a new skill, or makes us laugh in a new way.  If there were more Gideon Deckers in the world, it would be a better place :)

Ugh is he not THE MOST scrumptious in a hat and having his tiny bits of hair spiked?  The picture on the right was at the doctor's office.  He got 2 vaccines and was the MOST brave I've ever seen.  So proud of him persevering through some temporary pain to stay healthy.

Our adventures continue!  Georgie & Ylo came up for a visit a few weekends ago and then we all went to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant, Cafe Jordano.  It was phenomenally delicious per usual.  Go there immediately if you want the richest, most decadent Italian food of your life and get a frickin homemade cannoli--heavennnnnnn!!!!!!!! 

How red-headed does Gideon look???  And so happy as usual.

Last pic.  This sums up our daily life a little better.  Many days we read, walk, play with our toys, work on new skills, explore new foods, and enjoy our daily rhythms.  So thankful for a post full of people we love, events that have enriched our lives, and one bubbly red-headed little boy that makes our lives so tremendously full.

Gideon is notorious for ignoring us while we enrich his mind and help him develop a strong love of reading...he would rather play kitchen :)

They will have no fear of bad news;
    their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the Lord.
Their hearts are secure, they will have no fear...

Psalm 112:7


  1. G-Dub, you're a rockstar! I bet you and my nephew Gus Gus would be BFFs! Cutie!

    1. They really would be the greatest BFF's!!

  2. Giddy has so many friends!!!!! He is such a popular little fella. I love the pic of him in between George and y-lo. He is like "YA! I GOT MY G-PA ON MY RIGHT AND MY Y-LO ON MY LEFT! MY LIFE ROCKS!"

    1. I did a Meyer's Briggs on him...ESFJ. Exactly Ryan's personality type so pretty much a people person to the max!

  3. Gideon is so big now. So sweet. What a cutie. Hope you are well

  4. Gideon is so big now. So sweet. What a cutie. Hope you are well



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