Thursday, April 21, 2016

Babies, Dates, & Yoga

We've lived in Colorado forever and Ryan and I are both natives...yet somehow we always forget that April is super snowy and then we get mad about it.  HA!  The problem is that we love summer and fall and really spend a lot of time outside.

Ryan plays frisbee, we walk every single day, we bike to movie in the park, pack picnic dinners, camp, hike, and rock climb.  So when it's raining and snowing all month it's such a bummer.

I will just be thankful that this wetness will help my garden grow and hopefully revive my very pathetic looking berry bushes out in my garden beds.

Anyway, April happenings and an update!

Thanks to Aunt Linny, Uncle Justin and cousin JJ for keeping Gideon for a few hours so we could have a date night.  Our romantic setting of choice was the sketchiest Pho restaurant on Colfax but seriously it's the most authentic Vietnamese Pho you will ever have!!

We talked life and future, caught up with one another and mostly just enjoyed not have a squirmy baby to juggle while we sipped hot soup.

THIS KID!!!!!!!  He is so scrum-diddily-umptious.  He's such a big boy with a voice, opinions, preferences, belly laughs for days, and some serious 8 month old will power.  I love every part of him and that we get to know him more each day.

Nothing makes Gideon happier than a sock or wearing a majorly hipster baby outfit

We had the great privilege of watching our favorite little Penny Pie last week while her mama rested after a lot of consecutive night shifts.  Penny and Gideon had a glorious time playing, rolling on the carpet, and hallelujah--napping simultaneously!!!  

They are BFF's for life.   And Ryan and I sincerely hope they decide to get married in about 25 years.

These two are two peas in a pod!  I often find Gideon in his carrier on Ryan.  They work in the garage together, do chores, go on walks, or accomplish whatever needs to happen.  The new Ergo 360 is pretty much a necessity for parents in my opinion.  

We just discussed last night as we walked with Gideon in the carrier on Ryan that it's such a millennial dad trend to baby-wear.  I LOVE that my hubs is secure enough in his masculinity to baby-wear and Gideon is happier on him than any place else.

Ryan's work, Healing Waters, hosted a Get Out Give Water fitness event as part of an effort to help end the global water crisis.  The yoga class was at Red Rocks Ampitheatre which was the most stunning place in the world to participate in yoga for a good cause.

My friend Caitlin, who I have been friends with for more than 14 years joined me.  Love her, the cause, the class, and the scenery!

Some starting balancing poses that ended up kicking my butt!

A family shot with all that beauty in the background!

A lot of our days are spent learning and exploring the world around us.  Gideon is standing and balancing when I prop him against something, figures out how everything works, and just enjoys being a curious baby with everything in the world to learn.

We went to baby story time at the library this week and really enjoyed connecting with new friends and the social aspect.  I really was aware of how intentional you have to be to say hello to the mamas and try to connect with them. It's easy to just chat about the babies or focus on your own little one at events like this but we need to engage our brains and encourage one another to be known and appreciated outside of our roles as mama's also.  

We hope you have a week full of goodness and rest and soaking up any nice weather that comes your way.  I know that's what we will be doing!  

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor; he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound;
Isaiah 61:1

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