Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Plea To Target's LGBT Bathroom Policy

I love me some Target.  I literally just went there last night to walk around and shop as a stress reliever and recharge time after a busy day with Gideon.  I grabbed a cart, bought a coffee from the  conveniently (and dangerously) located front entrance Starbucks and perused literally every aisle.

It's therapeutic!

Literally, Target is my happy place as my husband can attest.

But they are yet another company that has come out with a dangerous stance on transgender bathroom policies; cloaking the policy in anti-discrimination jargon while neglecting to address even a single word to the potential dangers of this new movement.

I am absolutely terrified by this policy and fad.  

The issue is NOT, I repeat, NOT with the transgender community.  

Those individuals can do whatever they like and it's truly not my business.  But public restroom safety is my business and this LGBT policy is just a welcome sign for the mentally disturbed pedophiliacs and predators in the community to misuse this policy.

So again, my issue?  Not with transgender people.  My issue is with those men who are so perverse and deranged that they will pose as women and then prey on women and children in the stalls.  

A mother's absolute nightmare... and such dark possibilities and potential crimes are gaining momentum and greater risk by the hour.

I reached out to the Target corporation with this message below and I await an answer and hopefully a positive and proactive reply.  My truest hope is that safety measures are put into place immediately: single-stall restrooms, family restrooms, or other creative measures to ensure the safety of vulnerable potential victims.  

If Target chooses to continue on with their policy, we may be finding new places to shop.

I encourage you to also reach out to companies implementing dangerous policies and let them know your dissatisfaction-if one voice can change the fate and safety of someone it is worth the risk of being momentarily counter-cultural.


Hello Target-

I'm writing to you as a severely concerned customer, specifically about the safety and integrity of bathroom policies that have surfaced in the media recently.

The issue is NOT with the transgender community or individuals.  It is with those that will misuse Target's philosophy of equality and anti-discrimination.  How is Target as a corporation, as well as local management and your employees, going to ensure the there is not misuse of this new gender identity bathroom policy?

I am a deeply concerned customer, woman, mom, and community member.  Will Target install family bathrooms that contain one stall or "gender neutral" single stalls to ensure protection, privacy and safety?

I do not write this message with the belief that transgender people are pedophiliacs, criminals or the like.  My concern, that thousands if not millions of others share, is about the disturbed individuals who will use this new policy to prey on their victims and act perversely (ex: a non-transgender man who impersonates a woman and then victimizes a woman or child in the female designated restroom).

Surely, Target can see the potential problems and dangerous situations associated with this policy.  What can be done to keep your loyal customers safe?  If there is no plan, this corporation is putting your very logo of a bull's eye on the backs of all vulnerable customers...they will be targeted by those who will misuse and abuse this policy. 

Please, Target--address the media with a plan and be a leader to set safety measures and best practice measures into place!

Thank you for your time and consideration from a customer of nearly 20 years.


  1. I understand what you are saying and am so glad it is not against the transgender community. But right now a pedophile could prey on children who are in the men's room with their dads or alone. Why do you think there will be such a jump in men dressing as women to prey on children in the women's room?

    1. That's a good question that I hear a lot of people bringing up. I wonder if there will be an increase in predators and crime because the lines of prosecution will be significantly more blurry. Likewise, I tend to think that those who misuse and abuse this new policy will be the ones who find loopholes in the law and see this as opportunity to carry out their crime/perversion/mental health issues and escape criminal charges based upon the foundation that their "right" to enter a specific bathroom is protected.

      The best example I can think of is that a non-transgender identifying man uses this new policy to enter restrooms and locker rooms with ill intent. When people report dangerous activity or the police become involved because women/children feel unsafe, I believe the man posing as a woman will have the law on their side as it truly does now protect the "rights" of a man who now wants to use a female bathroom. Predators, I truly believe, will take the fullest advantage of this new policy.

      Men allowed into women's restrooms? I fear for the repercussions and victims that may suffer because of such a ludicrous new politically correct policy.



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