Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Ryan Ostomy Reversal Update & Life Update

I was reminded a few days ago by Silvia that I hadn't posted a Ryan update recently!  Gideon sort of showed up on the scene and hi-jacked this blog with his beautiful baby face :)

So post-ostomy's been about 9 months since Ryan had his ileostomy taken down.  WOW!!!  We sometimes look at the huge scars on his lower abdomen and are like, "Can you believe you pooped into a bag for 3+ years?!"

Ryan's work was discussing with him about traveling to Guatemala for a few days and it felt so much less stressful because he doesn't have to worry about ostomy changes and having enough supplies and all the headache that came with traveling internationally with an ostomy.

So these days Ryan is strong.  VERY STRONG!  He is doing 350 push ups per day as a part of a fundraiser he's doing and that's making him real buff and dreamy.  We walk about 2 miles every single night after dinner around parks near our house and once a week Ryan plays ultimate frisbee with a league. 

On the whole he feels good, but has negative symptoms maybe 1-2 days per week.  Diarrhea if he's had too much fiber, stomach aches that we actually can't really figure out the root cause of, and sometimes just a general "sick feeling" but I think that comes with the Crohn's territory.  He still gets Remicade every 8 weeks and that seems to be working well for him.

The main concerns with an ostomy reversal were the frequency of bowel movements (many people complain of 15-20 poops per day) and Ryan is more in the 2-4 range.  A huge blessing!  

Overall, I think he is feeling very free after his reversal, a minimum amount of symptoms, and just generally good health.

Here are a few pics of our life lately:

Gideon and I share the same hair color.  So I made him a toupee the other day.  Doesn't he look like such a creeper!?!  We laughed and laughed at him. 

Gideon is getting much more curious and has such amazing dexterity with his chubby fingers.  So I am needing to create new ways to help him explore and learn and satisfy his constant curiosity.  I made him a few homemade toys the other day that he seems to really enjoy.

This is his "kitchen".  It's literally all free stuff from my kichen.  Water bottles with colored water, a whisk, rubber kitchen tools, glass jars filled with lentils, rice, etc, a metal tea tin, and some plastic baby eating utensils.  He will play with this kit for 40 minutes happily!

The other thing that keeps him happy for a LONG time is putting various small toys into a cupcake tin and for some reason this just captures his attention.  He loves to take them out of the holes, bang on the tray, and he seems to just explore everything with more interest.

My mom's birthday was this week so we had a birthday brunch that was out of this world!  it was a really classy brunch.  Ryan and Justin ate their weight in crab legs and I ate mine in biscuits!

Just more of Gideon playing, reading, and generally enjoying life.  I've heard that "play is the work of children" and it brings me a lot of joy to help him grow and develop through new ways of play.  I think that Montessori is a philosophy of development would subscribe to ;)

Um, is he handsome or what?!

We are so blessed to have the time and space each week to meet up with friends for playdates.  Myself, Ashley and Amanda all met up with our littles ones for a breakfast and playtime together.  Our kiddos Penny (4.5 months), Gideon (7 months), and Chloe (3 months) are so sweet together.  

We were all preggo together through nursing school so it's an even greater blessing to now have these babies here and better than we even dreamed!!

Ok I think that about does it.  I'm feeling so much peace not working and have been coming back to myself more and more every day that I'm recovering from the awful night shift.  Im not actively looking for work and truly just soaking up the SAHM gig.  We are blessed and loving spring time with a baby cakes!

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal

Isaiah 26:4


  1. The G man!! So cute! Ryan! So happy he's doing well! rock!

  2. Those babies are gorgeous. Shared!

    1. They are all three gorgeous little ones, Abigaill!!



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