Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February, You Snuck Up On Us

Suddenly February was upon us and it's like we didn't even see it coming.  January was excellent as well! 

We celebrated my 27th birthday with sushi with two of our best friends, Ali and Daniel.  Ryan learned that he loves sushi, much to his wife's happiness.  It was a truly fun birthday eating raw fish and cackling our heads off with these two wild friends!

 January/February we also spent inordinate amounts of time smooching on our sweet boy and watched him grow like a dang weed every day.  And we lived life.  And it's been good.

It's been really good so we are thankful!

Giddy Lou and I have the best days together.  Minus when he's teething.  He has TWO teeth coming in; a top and a bottom.  I can't wait until he looks like a little dracula.  Minus when I have to nurse him.

I've heard it said you don't know fear until you stick your nip into the mouth of a teething baby...soooooo....

 ...scratch that...I can hold off on him getting teeth *chomp*

Um, and are Jay and Gideon not the CUTEST little things you've ever laid your eyes on.  I legit pulled out my phone to show a stranger their pics the other day.  She swooned over them which made me feel like less of a crazy mom/aunt.

These girls!  I have known Bre and Ali since FRESHMEN YEAR of high school.  That is about 13-14ish years.  I've known them longer than I haven't known them.  We had a girl's night the other weekend and literally stayed up past midnight talking and then we all immediately regretted our lives the next morning since we have little ones that arise at unholy hours.

All that to say, wine, chocolate and laughing was worth it.

Remember that time that The Broncos had enough of Cam Newton's horsecrappery and shut him down?!  Well we witnessed it all first hand.  We are not even real football fans, but when the Broncos to to the Super Bowl...we cheer!!

 Gideon even timed his bedtime so I could watch the halftime show!  We pretty much NEVER have the TV on so Gideon was pretty mesmerized by it.  

Then I think he was overwhelmed by the constant noise and stimulation.   So we took a bath and put him to bed.

Also, see Exhibit A (right) we call this the Grandpa Speciality.  Both of Gideon's grandpa/gramps wear their white socks pulled up high and we tried to duplicate the look.  His are up to his thighs which I can't say the old timers do but still...HA!

STAHP.  Remember that time that Gideon started eating solids?  He is so dang big!!

Well that is just a dandy little update on the first two months of 2016!  Can't wait to see what the rest of February brings with my new job and other life adventures.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Matthew 24:35

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