Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas 2015

Oh look it's 2016 and I'm just blogging about Christmas!  We had a full, sweet Christmas-tiring-but good.  It's way more fun to do holidays with kiddos as we see them taking it all in and experiencing the "firsts".  

I look forward even more to Gideon really getting to understand Jesus' birthday, the meaning behind exchanging presents, time with family, and other fun traditions that are in place.  

We were intentional about reading Christmas library books, talking about the nativity story every day, and Grandma Decker bought a little toy nativity set that we played with and discussed too.  It's really important to us that Christmas isn't totally hijacked by Santa and commercialism.  Next year we want to visit a nearby farm and see a stable so we can picture exactly what it was like where Jesus was born!  

Anyway, I will say that we were all EXHAUSTED by the time we got home Christmas night.  Gideon is an amazing kiddo but he was super overwhelmed by Christmas evening and just needed to nurse non stop for like 2 hours while we were with Ryan's family.  #momlife

Gideon got some very nice presents from his grandparents specifically.  A high chair, clothes, teething toys, cloth diapers, and more!  What generous grandparents he has :)

One thing that isn't pictured here (because the pics are on our external hard drive now) was the birthday party we had for Jesus on the 23rd.  It was our only real evening fully at home as a family.  Ryan grew up with the tradition of giving Jesus a gift at Christmas which I LOVE since it was his birthday after all haha  

So we each gave a present to Jesus.  My present was a family dinner and birthday cake, Ryan's was a song on the guitar, and Gideon's was being well behaved and patient through dinner ha!  It was a fun evening-we lit candles, ate fancy dinner, and celebrated the best gift we have ever received...Jesus!

Happy 2016!!

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