Monday, December 7, 2015

December Life

I should probably just re-name this blog, "Gideon Obessessions" because he's pretty much the main topic of pictures and posts these days.

Um, hello, look at this face...

(No, Gerber Baby, he will not be your spokesperson and main model, thanks though) 

Anyway!  I thought I should do a little December life update so I don't forget what we are up to and what's happening!

Well this chubby little guy brings us more joy by the day.  He has recently started teething so has his sad moments but I would say overall he's still a content, happy kid. We have tried Hyland's teething tablets which seems to help a bit as well as letting him chew on his Sophie giraffe and some teething beads his Grammy Nelson got him.

He's also standing up for as long as his fat legs will let him (we support him of course), he has near perfect head control, and is rocking the sleeping scene like it's his job!  AMEN sayeth me!  I am seriously thrilled that he started sleeping longer and better.

Also he weighs 17 lbs so he is pretty much enormous.  I LOVE IT!

The only tough thing in life for Gideon besides his teeth is the dang bottle.  It's literally his arch nemesis.  I told Ryan I think an excellent baby book would be one where the baby is the superhero and he wants to defeat his enemy The Bottle (much to his mom's dismay).  I think I would make some big money off that since I know I'm not the only parent out there with this issue.  This kid can't be fooled by a bottle and knows he prefers the real thing!

Sigh.  I guess it could be worse.

Ryan is seriously so busy at work and is learning a lot about some new aspects of his job.  He's paving the way for Healing Waters to have excellent monitoring and evaluation tools for their ministry as well as still doing his responsibilies as Program Director/Engineer.  Very impressed by him!

We rejoined the rock climbing gym near our house and look foward to getting back into that.  Just a few nights ago Ryan went to the gym after dinner and worked out while I was on bedtime duty.  When he got home we swapped and I headed out for a 7:30 pm strong yoga class.  Luckily we live 6 minutes from the gym so it's not hard to both make it in one night.

I had a personal goal to finish up all my modules, tests, and checklists for my new nursing job by December 1!  And I made my goal.  While I write this I am currently talking with my hiring agency about which family I will be working with and can't wait to settle on a schedule and permanent position.  I'll look forward to sharing more as details are decided upon.

December is full and wonderful for us!  It's so crazy to think that December 19, 2014 we were just finding out I was pregnant.  I never would have dreamed that just one year later our sweet, smiley, perfect Gideon Decker would be with us.

Gideon and his "twin" cousin Aebrynn.  We joke that these two could be twins with their chubby cheeks and bald heads!  Gideon is 3 months and Aebyrnn is 8.5 months.

Dreamy in his autumn sweater

Can you guess who is who?!  The Decker gene is STRONG!  I always thought Ryan and Gideon looked the same but then I saw this picture of George (Ryan's dad, the one in black and white) and was SHOCKED!!!  My son and his grandpa are literal twins lol

When the weather isn't too too cold we have been bundling this baby up and going for some evening walks.  Does he ever stop smiling and loving life?  Nope!

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you—they are full of the Spirit and life.

John 6:63 


  1. Giddy will get the bottle down soon, I just know it! Man I love that chubby little man and his endless smiles.

    1. Why do I feel like he will just take a soppy cup some day and skip the bottle?! Nooooo!!!!

  2. Baby G!!! I'm your biggest fan! Cutie!!!

    1. Thanks Silvia!! This kid is pretty dang cute ;)



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