Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gideon: 3 Month Update

Age: 3 months!  Oh how we love this precious baby boy!  This kid is so adaptable, curious, sweet, smiley, content, and easy going.  He is so pleased to just watch everyone around him but will happily "talk" (aka coo and babble) at one person for several minutes at a time.  He really gets a serious look on his face and will tell you everything you wanted to know about his day.  We melt.  He also laughed out loud for the first time at around 11.5 weeks and Ryan and I got to both be there for that.  SWOON!

Weight: Approximately 15 lbs

Length: Approximately 26 inches

Sizes (diapers, onesies):  He's in size 2 diapers and still wearing 3- month clothes.  It's so fun to put him in little jeans or kakhis with a sweater now.  Such a very big boy!

Eyes:  His eyes have stayed a really beautiful shade of blue and I just love those sparkly eyes!  He has the longest eyelashes that are so dreamy and I tell him all the time that ladies pay big bucks for lashes like that.  His Aunt Lindsay often tells him how gorgeous he is lol I think it's the red hair/blue eye combo ;)

Hair:  I got my redheaded baby I always dreamed of!!!  This kid has my exact red/strawberry hair and I just adore it.  It very very light  on top so he looks practically bald. And he does have a lovely bald spot on the back of his head now that he's moving his head more.  I kiss his soft little head of hair every minute of the day. 

Sleeping:  We had two HARD few weeks of sleep.  From about weeks 9-11 sleep was painful.  I would get a consistent 3-4 hour stretch during the first part of the night and then my sweet little Giddy was up every 1.5 hours after that.  I knew that would happen with a newborn and more mentally prepared, but when I have a 2-3 month old I just sort of hoped it would be different. There are probably mamas out there who have sleep a lot worse so I can't really complain but it was still hard 

Anyway, after what felt like an eternity of just being exhausted all the time my baby cakes started giving me a more relaible 4 hours strech from 10 pm to 2 a, and them waking up again around 5 am for a final feeding before getting up for the morning.  At 11.5 weeks he gave me a 9 hour stretch!!  WHAT??!?!  I was pleased by this on the one side because I got sleep but then I also don't want him sleeping that long and not getting calories.  Oh mamahood and all the thoughts and concerns that come along with it!

Eating:  We have a perfectly porky baby.  He eats every 2 hours or so during the day and is a monster eater.  He's so good at nursing and getting nice and full.  He likes to kick and talk and make lots of noises while he eats which cracks us up!

Milestones:  Giddy has amazing head control and a very strong neck and head.  He follows familiar faces, looks in the directions he hears a noise, and likes to look at toys/objects placed closely to his face.  He mimics noises, babbles, laughs, coos, and even puts weight on his fat little legs for a few seconds at a time.  He is very alert, very interactive, and is such a bright, smart little baby.

Memorable outings:  At 11.5 weeks we all headed to the mountains in Colorado Springs for a work conference for Ryan.  We stayed in a very pretty retreat center, Glen Eyrie, and really enjoyed the time away as a family.  Also, we packed like 900 things to make sure Gid was prepared for the weekend lol  It's crazy all the items a baby needs and uses!

Favorite toys/activities:  Giddy seems to really enjoy one on one time with people. He is content to be in a busy room but really likes to just make eyes contact and talk and babble to one person at a time.  

He loves any store we venture out to because of the bright lights and sounds.  We still walk several times per week but he is not enjoying his moby wrap as much and would prefer to be bundled up in his stroller where it's warmer and cozier.  He tolerates tummy time but MOST enjoys when I prop him up and we sing and dance.  This kid loves music and will happily stare at his Daddy playing the guitar.

Words/sounds:  We laugh because you can get Gideon talking by making eye contact with him and saying, "Ah-goo".  It's like translation to him as "Hello!"  It really gets him talking and it's like his own little language that just he understands.  He mimics the noises we make and he likes for us to mimic his noises back.  He has so many little sounds that we have learned to expect that are unique to him.  Love our talkative little boy!

Nicknames:  Giddy Bear, Giddy Up, Gid, Giddy, Itty Giddy Titty Monster with the tiny hiney (he won't be embarrassed of that at all when he's older...), G, Peanut, Sweet Thing, Mister, Man Cub

Funny moments:  Gideon's first laugh had Ryan and I cracking up!  We were talking with him, tickling him, kissing that plump neck and then suddenly he's laughing and laughing!!  It was this hilarious squeaky belly laugh that was the most gorgeous noise I'd ever heard in my whole life. It was too much for my heart!  

Looking forward to:  Ryan and I have both said how excited we are to just hear his voice.  Isn't that funny?  We want to know what it sounds like when he talks.  I cannot wait!  But for now I'm looking forward to consistent sleep (doesn't have to be 9 hour stretches, but in that ballpark), my boy being more alert and playful during the day, and discovering more bits and pieces to just WHO Gideon James Decker is

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November is Flying By!

I feel like I have to do these enormous dump posts because: 
A. My time is limited 
B. I never have internet access 
C. I'm tired 
D. All of the above!

D would be correct!!

I do love blogging but it's just not a weekly habit for me right now.  But I want to keep track of what we have been up to because like I've said 1,001 times here, it's such a blessing to back and reflect on our life over the years.

Anyway, we have been both busy and slow at times.  It just depends on the day.  Some days are nothing but snuggles, naps, and house chores.  Other days we are out with friends, seeing grandparents, running errands or at MOPS.  This last week Ryan had a work conference at a retreat center called Glen Eyrie and Giddy and I were lucky enough to go with him!  We packed up our car (how can one baby require so much stuff?!) and headed out.

The retreat was beautiful.  Set in the CO Springs mountains and in a historic castle.  There wasn't a TV in our room or much in the way of internet so Giddy and I took lots of naps, walked, explored the castle, and rested.  I also complained plenty to Ryan about no internet because I wanted to watch Master Chef :( 

 Overall it was 3 days well spent; Ryan attended some really informative, interesting sessions for his work and I think the family trip was memorable.

Isn't the castle gorgeous?  The food was AMAZING, the weather was so nice, and I got some quality Giddy time

In between walks and naps we took baths (love hotels and their unlimited hot water) and used the moby wrap to walk all over the grounds

There was wildlife everywhere!  Wild turkeys, deer, and big horned sheep

Let's see what else have we been up to...

Well these two are wonderful!  Ryan is such an involved, caring Dad.  He loves Gideon so much and so well.  He spends time with him, plays guitar and sings for him, changes diapers, and so much more.  Gideon is blessed out of his mind to have Ryan Decker be his Dad!!

  I love watching these two interact, Gid is SUCH Ryan's mini-me.  Sometimes Gideon will furrow his eyebrows or get a certain look on his face and it's like I'm staring right at Ryan.  Cracks me up every single time.

We are cloth diapering maniacs!  I've been using some second hand bum genius diapers for the last few months and while I love them, they are a size small and Gid is popping out of them.  We have also used Alva's and aren't quite as pleased with them but the company is sending a new batch to replace what's not working well.

Anyway, Ryan went online and found a KILLER clearance deal on new bum genius diapers so it was Christmas come early for me!!!  Wahoo!!!  I ADORE these new diapers.  They were an investment up front but in the long run are saving us so much dang money on disposables.  

Cloth diapers for president!

Look at all those pretty new diapers!  

Last week, Gideon, Linny, Jay, and I all headed to the mall to finish up some Christmas shopping for our parents/grandparents.  A trip to the mall with a 3 month old and a 4 week old was an adventure!  There were lots of pit stops for each of us to nurse our babes and I think overall everyone did really well!  It's nice to get out of the house and being with another new mama always makes me more brave.

Overall, there was no crying or melt downs and the babies did great too ;)

Oh, what's that?  Why yes, Gideon is actually 3 months going on 13 years old.  How does he look like a dang teenager here?!  Ack!

Dear Gideon, Please wear hoodies with bear ears forever.  Love, Your Mom

 Ryan will totally make fun of me for posting this picture but I am SO proud of my breastmilk supply!  Every day when I file away another bag in my freezer storage I ask him if he wants to come oogle at the amazingness of what my body is creating and he always replies, "No, I don't want to look at your breastmilk again"


 Oh husband.  He's actually very supportive but I do brag on my body a lot to him so he's allowed to not want to look at it 10 times a day.  Seriously though, I need to start selling this liquid gold on the black market for some big bucks!  Or donate it and do the noble thing to help thirsty babies who actually need it.  Either way, I've got almost 200 oz saved up and I'm a freakin lactating machine!

Then you have this smiley little boy!  He is the absolute best thing in the whole world.  Every day is not perfect or smooth as the pictures would sometimes lead you to believe but 99% of the time this kid is absolute perfection wrapped up in a lot of chub and rolls.

Gideon is the absolute light of our lives.  Sometimes I think my heart will just burst wide open with love for this tiny human.  He is so dang legit.  

How did someone ever have such a great smile?  He has the best on in all the lands

As for me, I have been working on some on-line modules and tests to get ready for starting work ASAP.  I want to be orienting for my new Pediatric RN position in December and hopefully working 1 day a week later in December or January.  

I escaped to Starbucks after Gideon went to bed this evening and cranked out some medication tests, safety quizzes, and lots of other important information.  All this fascinating, wonderful RN info is coming back to me and re-igniting my passion for nursing.  I can't wait to get going!

Well that should wrap up this enormously long post for now!  Have a great week homies and stay safe in the snow!

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.
Psalm 119:105


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