Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Gideon: 2 month update

 Age: 2 months!  He is such a big boy!  At 2 months we can really see and enjoy how independent and social he is.  He really like to be involved with social settings and knows when the fun is happening but he likes to check in with mom especially every once in awhile since big crowds are a lot of work for a cute boy!  This is such a fun age.  Yes, he still sleeps a lot but when he's awake we have the best times.

Weight: 13 lbs 6 oz which puts him in the 75% percentile for this category

Length: 24 inches which puts him in the 74% percentile for height.  Also his head is in the 89% which I just love--my smart boy!!

Sizes (diapers, onesies):  Size 1 diapers and he consistently wears 3-6 month onsies and clothes.  Some just 6 month clothes fit him just fine which is blowing my mind!  He is so tall and solid, this kid!  A lot of times I can't even get the onsies buttoned up on the 0-3 month outfits.

Eyes:  Still blue, blue, blue!  Oh his eyes are so dreamy.  They just sparkle and they are so big.  He gets a lot of compliment on his swoony blue eyes and I'm practically beating the old ladies away in the grocery store.

Hair:  RED!!!!  Thank goodness this color hasn't changed.  My mama heart would be so sad.  It's pretty thick in the back (and the softest thing you have ever felt!) and it's coming in a little more now on top.  Right now he looks like he has some male pattern baldness going on but those hairs on top are just so light! 

Sleeping:  His sleep just keeps improving each week.  Some nights are harder but most nights he goes 4 hours, then two more 2-3 hours stretches.  He sleeps about 16 hours a day and we are working on doing longer naps during the day.  He likes little cat naps in the morning and then two longer ones in the afternoon.  We transitioned him out of his swing and into his crib mostly because he's just too dang tall to fit in the swing any longer!  After the first night of having lots of frequent wake-ups, he is officially a big boy crib sleeper and we are so proud of him!

Eating:  The kid clearly likes to eat based on his awesome stats!  He chows down every ~2 hours during the day.  Sometimes because he's hungry, sometimes just a comfort nurse is all he needs.  We are on-demand feeders so when he wants it, he gets it.  Keeps things simple.

Milestones:  He is very interactive and smiles when he sees mom or dad and when we interact with him.  He is holding up his neck with a lot of strength and we rarely support it anymore unless he just gets tired.  He knows when he is about to get fed and gets very excited!  During tummy time he follows toys or books with his eyes and seems to engage when we "play".  I'm so pleased with what a bright, interactive kid he is. 

Memorable outings:  We do a "playdate" a week meaning I get together with one of my friends and we drink coffee and gab while Gideon and his little friends lay on the floor or something haha  We did take a pretty long trip up to Eaton a few weekends ago for a friend's baby shower.  It was memorable in that my 8 week old screamed the. whole. way.  2 hours and 20 minutes people.  You can't make that up.  UGH!  And there was awful traffic so it took literally double the time.  Gideon really doesn't like the car but he really enjoys our destinations once we arrive.

All my girls at the baby shower!  They made the miserable drive SO worth getting there.  I had Gideon in August, Ashley (back row 3rd from the right) is due on Friday, Amanda (front row 2nd from the right) is due in December, and Alissa (back row far right) is due in February!  We were all exactly 8 weeks apart in our due dates form the next one.   Love them all.

Favorite toys/activities:  He loves walks outside whether in his moby wrap or in the stroller.  He seems to really enjoy the grocery stores because of all the lights and sounds and people.  

We read together every single day and do a music time which means I put on Baby Einstein on Pandora and we sing while I move his arms and legs around.  He seems to not mind tummy time too much as long as it's 5 minutes or less and will happily stare at soft blocks and his toys.  Gideon LOVES talking and will share about his day with you if you just face him towards you and ask questions-so cute!

Words/sounds:  He is quieting down a little at night (used to be SO noisy in his sleep) but he is still a very talkative baby.  I love that about him.  He coo's, gaa's, goo's, and makes the best noises.  He has a little high pitched giggle that's pretty short and I can't wait to hear a full out laugh!

Nicknames:  Giddy Bear, Giddy Up, Gid, Giddy, Itty Giddy Titty Monster with the tiny hiney (he won't be embarrassed of that at all when he's older...), G, Peanut, Sweet Thing, Mister, Man Cub

Funny moments:  We laugh when he poops because he is VERY concentrated and gets the absolute funniest look on his face.  We also laugh becuase Ryan and I try very very hard to get smiles out of him.  We just love to see them.  So we will spend minutes just being silly and trying to coax a smile, sometimes to no avail.  But put him in a little bouncer seat for 5 minutes and he's laughing at some shiny screw he can see in the pole or he's smiling at the lamp.  Geeze.  

Looking forward to:  I can't wait to see this little keep chunking up and growing.  His face changes everyday.  I see more of his personality blossom and it's an honor to get to take care of him and how he is uniquely built.  I look forward to seeing his strengths and passions come out and find out what makes him tick.  And MORE smiles--those dimples are like crack...I'm addicted!


  1. G-Dizzle! Looking handsome in stripes!

  2. PUFF! Were you ever actually so tiny? I can hardly remember!

    1. SO tiny!!! It's hard to remember him being such a squirt :)



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