Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My First RN Position!

I never really thought I would be a mama at 26 so when I reflect on how I pictured my career trajectory at this point in life, a different picture came to mind.

But then my new little hearthrob arrived on the scene last month and everything changed!  

(I just told Ryan today my "taste" in men has really changed in the last 6 of the swooniest guys I know is chubby, balding, likes to wear overalls, smells like still my heart!)

But I digress!

Anyway, while I could never dreamed this would be our current life season, it's absolutely perfect and exactly as it should be!  It's been a growing and positive process to shift my nursing career expectations since having our son.  I had always pictured myself starting in a new grad program in the ER or NICU, working the typical 12 hour nursing shift.  That is what had appealed to me since I started my nursing journey in 2012.

Now I get to re-dream with Ryan to form new goals for my RN license.  And our prayers and searching has led to a pediatric RN home health position!  The Lord answered our prayers VERY specifically with this job and we are overwhelmingly thankful.

My wonderful friend Hannah actually referred me to this agency (she is also a home health RN) and I'm so glad she did.  With this unique field, I get to choose my locations, day of the week and hours.  It doesn't get much better!!

 While I'm not working just yet (more like December-ish), we are asking my hiring manager to keep an eye out for two 4-hour over night shifts each week neat home.  That way I can be with my family as much as possible and don't commit myself to the LOOONG hours of a typical shift.  

That would be hard on everyone and we want low stress.  How things have changed--I used to WANT the ER setting and now I love the gentle, one-on-one focus of a home health position.

We are so thankful for how flexible the field of nursing is.  I would recommend this career path to anyone with a family and a love of caring for people, it's hard to imagine a more fulfilling role.

I'm excited to post more details about my nursing job as it unfolds and I get going in a few months!  From Ryan's sickness in 2012 inspiring my nursing school journey to finally be interviewing for RN positions in 2015...I'm learning to stay flexible, open-handed, and enthusiastic about all of the exciting new turns life has for us.

We are thrilled!

Oh and here we are after my interview celebrating at Old Chicago's over pizza and beer.  Ryan was such an amazing super-dad/husband in this process.  Giddy, Ryan, and I all drove to Denver for the interview.  I nursed Gid (we're exclusively bf'ing) right before my interview and Ryan was a rockstar and kept that little pumpkin happy and asleep for the 1.5 hours I was interviewing.  Amazing man and even more amazing Dad!


 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11


  1. Congratulations! Where is G-dizzle in this post though??? Lol can't wait to hear about the nursing adventures!

    1. OMG I know a post without him?!?! It will never happen again haha



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