Friday, September 25, 2015

Gideon's First Pumpkin Patch!

Last Wednesday we went to Gideon's first pumpkin patch!  If you are in Colorado you need to check out Anderson Farms.  It was the most authentic, adorable farm for a really good price!

We went opening day mid-afternoon and missed the crowds and most of the heat.  It was still pretty warm though!  We did a hay-less hay ride into a pumpkin patch, picked pumpkins right off the vine, Ryan and I did a corn maze (and failed), and we shopped for fall decorations. 

And Ryan got a chili dog so I think he considered the day a grand success!

It was the most festive, cute place with gorgeous pumpkins of every color all over the farm, animals to pet, and tons of activities.  Gideon was obviously too small for most things but it was still fun to take him there and just get out as a family.

And I had my first experience breastfeeding on a bumpy hayride but Gideon was a champion and now I know I can officially feed that dude ANYWHERE!

We love fall and its so fun to rediscover this season with Gideon :)

A family shot plus Gid and his Gramps sizing him up!

We have the cutest red headed baby who blended perfectly with the pumpkins :)

We put that poor baby in a pile of pumpkins just for a photo haha!  

Grandparents and Gideon!

Regular parents and Gideon!


  1. What a perfect fall adventure!!!!! Can't wait to go there ane pick our own pumpkins soon. I especially love the pic if giddy resting in the pile of pumpkins!

    1. I'm glad you guys went!! It's the cutest farm wvwr



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