Saturday, September 19, 2015

Gideon: 1 Month Update

Gideon's 1 Month Update

Age: 1 month.  About the 4 week mark we really noticed him becoming more awake and alert and losing that newborn look.  Everyday we say that he looks like a little boy and not even a baby anymore!

Weight: ~10 lbs At his last check up he was in the 40ish% percentiles for height and weight and 79% for his enormous head (aka his  smartie pants brain!)

Length: Not sure exact length but my best guess is 22 inches

Sizes (diapers, onesies):  He is wearing size 1 diapers but can still squeeze into newborn size that we are trying to use up.  I told Ryan I need Newborn 1/2 sized diapers because he's just in between both sizes.   He wears cloth diapers during the day so no sizing on those and I find that he fits really nicely into the Bum Genius and Alva Baby diapers that I have.
He is officially out of most newborn clothing and is wearing 0-3 months comfortably.  He is such a big healthy boy!

Eyes:  A beautiful dark blue just like his Daddy!  If I put him in any shade of blue outfit those eyes just pop!

Hair:  RED!!!!  Oh be still my heart.  Nothing is yummier in this world than a red headed baby.  He has quite a bit of hair and has since he was born.  Right now it's super straight and my exact color but Ryan keeps hoping it will get a little curl like his :)  
On a side note, nothing gets you attention from people in public like a baby, but a red headed baby?  Oh my.  I should start tacking on 15 extra minutes for every outing because this little dude makes the ladies SWOON!  

Sleeping:  Gideon is a very sleepy boy and we try to get him as much good, deep sleep as possible.  He sleeps during the night for 2-2.5 hours stretches.  Sometimes his tummy empties quicker and I'm up at the 1.5 hour mark.  He sleeps swaddled up in his swing on a medium speed at night.  
During the day he sleeps for 1-2 hours stretches either in his moby wrap or in his swing but I try to keep him on me for the most part.  He is so chill in his moby wrap and lets me do chores of all kinds while he is strapped to me.  Thankful for that!

Eating:  I should just write "like a champion" and move on!
Seriously this child is so wonderful at eating.  At his last pediatrician appointment our doc said they want kids gaining 3/4 oz per day.  Gideon is gaining over double that at 1.7 oz a day!!  He loves his milk!  He eats every 2-2.5 hours at night but it's on demand so if he's up sooner I feed him sooner.
During the day I find that he eats more like every 1.5-2 hours or sometimes more frequently.  Again, we feed on demand so if he's crying I just nurse him and he's a happy camper.  Plus I'm trying to chub this kid up so it doesn't bother me!

Milestones:  Since Gideon was born he's had a lot of neck strength but he's more reliably and more confidently using his neck and back muscles to hold his head and upper body up for short spurts. 
He doesn't have a lot of super significant "milestones" yet I suppose but he loves to look at lights, has longer periods of wakefulness, grasps objects placed in his hand, perks up when he hears Mom or Dad's voice, and is doing longer tummy times each day

Memorable outings:  We took Gideon to his first restaurant at 9 days old so we thought he was a rockstar for doing that!  We headed out with my parents to a pumpkin patch a few days ago and just last night he slept through an entire dinner at Old Chicago while Ryan and I chowed on pizza.  We take walks every night and he loves his stroller and taking in all the new sights and sounds.  This weekend we have a wedding that's 2.5 hours away so that will be his first really long trip in the carseat.  Pray for us.

Favorite toys/activities:  His favorite activity is nursing, ha!  But I try to set aside time everyday where we read books (I read and Gideon rudely stares at whatever light source is nearby), tummy time, singing songs, listening to the Baby Einstein channel on Pandora while we "dance"/exercise his arms and legs, and of course just snuggle as much as possible. 
As far as toys Gideon will hold onto whatever toy I place in his palm but he favors soft toys and usually lets go of plastic or wood toys more quickly,

Words/sounds:  We call this child the Baby Gorilla because of the grunts, hoots, hollers, and noises that come out of such a tiny human!  He is SO noisy!  Whether he's nursing, getting to sleep, or just chilling out you can always tell where Gideon...just follow the noises!

Nicknames:  Giddy Bear, Giddy Up, Gid, Giddy, Itty Giddy Titty Monster with the tiny hiney (he won't be embarrassed of that at all when he's older...), G, Peanut, Sweet Thing, Mister, Man Cub

Funny moments:  When this little one "smiles"/probably just has gas it makes us just burst out laughing because it's SO adorable!  He makes us laugh with his hilarious grunts and noises.  I laughed out loud the first time I saw him in overalls which are my absolute favorite outfit for a baby.  Ryan always laughs when I'm burping Gideon because whenever he finally burps I am thrilled and give him a little kiss right on his head as reward for his burp ha!

Looking forward to:  More smiles (this sweet angel has dimples in BOTH cheeks so that pretty much makes our hearts explode every time they appear) and seeing his personality blossom.  Everyday we see a little more of who this baby boy is and it's the most thrilling, wondrous gift.  Sometimes we just stare at him in absolute adoration.  We are so in love with this tiny human!



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