Friday, September 11, 2015

All Things Yummy Baby!

Our last three weeks have both flown by and been some of the best and slowest of our lives.  Reflecting back, it feels like something sacred has been going on in our home; meeting a new life, loving on a tiny, new human.  Just soaking up our SON!

I know people will hate us, but this kid is seriously the nicest, most well behaved little baby!  He lets us sleep, and "cries" (makes a little wailing noise for about 3 seconds) if he is hungry or cold.  We are blessed with a very, very good baby.  The worst of our tiredness was right after the hospital when we had a collective 3 hours in two days.  Other than that Gideon makes sure to give us 2-2.5 hour stretches at night and sleeps very independently in his swing.  We are so grateful for his easygoing personality.

We LOVE being parents.  I feel like this is a season that Ryan and I are both really enjoying and are good at.  We aren't perfect, but we are working really hard to communicate well, continue loving on each other, and make the most of this unique season.  

Yes, we have had tired days, but on the whole this season is unbearably sweet and we keep telling our little man to stop grow so fast on us!

Another reason this new transition is going so well is because of all the help and support we have.  We have been brought delicious meals for the last 3 weeks, 3+ times a week.  And we have many weeks more ahead of us with help!

 People have dropped off filet mignon (not kidding), grilled chicken with the freshest sides, Chipotle, pulled pork sandwiches, 15 lb lasagna, an appetizer dinner that rocked our world, "boobie bites", grilled salmon, lactation cookies, and so much more.  We are so thankful for the help and unending support.

Gideon is our world right now so not much else is going on.  Ryan has the most astoundingly generous work and they have given him 6 weeks of part time paid paternity leave!  Say wha?!?

So Gid and I look forward to his very early arrival home each day.  We spend our mornings nursing,  napping, reading, doing tummy time, and letting him explore anything new to look at.  The doodles usually join us for tummy time and they are very gentle with him.  We still go on a walk each evening which is so nice and Gideon either sleeps or stares with so much wonder at everything we pass by.

Obviously our gratitude and love is overflowing and I could blog forever (and with a million more pictures!) about our gorgeous baby boy.  Alrighty, that's about it for us-have a great week doing whatever it is you are up to!

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.

1 Samuel 1:27


  1. I love love love baby pictures. You can probably tell if you saw my Facebook posts of my nephew. I welcome posts of just baby pics!! Lol congrats on your cutie and this new season in your lives!

    1. Love that you are crazy about your nephew. All babies are so sweet!! There will be many more pics to come of Giddy!

  2. My heart is just so happy for you guys. I know you're amazing parents! Praying this season continues to be one filled with deep gratitude and joy.

    Sending our love from Michigan!

  3. Oh my goodness. Congrats you guys! He is just the cutest! Enjoy every second of it. They grow way to fast!



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