Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thank You Gifts For Labor & Delivery Nurses

Sooo...we are probably going to be what some L & D nurses interpret as "pesky patients"...

We have been working very hard on achieving a natural labor and delivery and have the typed up and laminated Birth Preference document to prove it ;)

It's actually a very kind, well-worded document that thanks our nurses and support team ahead of time and phrases everything with politeness overkill. 

Ex: "We prefer not to be offered any paid meds" instead of "Get that damn epidural away from me!!"


Anyway, we thought that since we will be asking for atypical things like no IV fluids, minimal monitoring, no pain meds, access to water, etc that we should come blazing in the doors with gifts to make sure we can get on everyone's good side ASAP!

I put together these little nurse thank you goodie bags in less than 5 minutes this week.  I think it will go a long way to show we are appreciative and hopefully encourages them to accommodate our birth preferences.

Everything is from Target and cost about $5 each. You could fill these bags with anything and make them as simple or as fancy as you like.

I chose a burlap bag from the dollar section at target but you could put everything in ziploc baggies, gift bags, or anything else cute you find!

I wanted ours to be "healthy-ish" so I stuffed them with dark chocolate and two blends of tea.  Then we stuck in a miniature pen but what I really wanted was a miniature permanent marker.  Nurses always need a permanent marker!!

We wrote thank you notes and finished it off with a bottle of hand sanitizer.

I think other fun ideas to fill up the baggies would be unscented hand lotion (no scent is best since patients are often allergic or nauseous from smells), granola bars, a little gift card to a coffee shop or lunch place near by, or any other chocolate-y treat. 

I'm sure any gesture is appreciated!

Have the bags filled up and thank you notes written so once you show up to your hospital you just have to pass our the goodie bags and become everyone's favorite patient!

I loved the burlap and they were only $1

I put in Easy Now tea for tension and stress and a calm chamomile blend.  Thinking both are appropriate for a busy baby floor

I'll let you know if our nurses like them and hopefully you can make these too if you have a little peanut on the way! Every bit of thoughtfulness counts and I think nurses often go unappreciated and unthanked so this will be a a breath of fresh air for them.

And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Colossians 3:17


  1. Love the idea. I planned to do something like this two in my 38 th week. But this little guy came 37 and 4 days. Haha. Very sweet of u! I am sure it will be appreciated

    1. Too* baby brain attacking my spelling skills. Haha

    2. Oh wow I didn't realize Preston made his appearance so early!! That must have been a shock! Well I'm sure you were still an amazing patient and the nurses loved you :)

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