Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lots of Pictures Update

It's almost mid-week and that means we are nearly 38 weeks preggo!  It's so insane how fast this pregnancy has gone by.  We try to keep healthy expectations by saying we will meet Baby Decker in 2.5-4.5 weeks...in case I am mega over due!

I hope Baby Decker doesn't cook to 42 weeks but Lord please give me patience if he/she is so comfy in there.

Well like I've been posting, Ryan has been cranking out house projects like its his job.  His biggest one yet was replacing cracked concrete in the front of our house that was causing drainage issues.

He worked SO hard doing demo work by hand with a sledge hammer, hiring a contractor, and the two of them laid and finished almost 6000 lbs of concrete one afternoon.  Ryan lifted ninety-nine 60 lb bags of concrete into a mixer!!  




On Thursday my parents took us all out for a VERY belated Ryan Decker birthday dinner.  We have all been pretty hard to corral this summer (mostly just Ryan and I) but we finally made it to Red Robin for Ryan's favorite burger.  Then Sweet Cow ice cream cake afterwards for dessert!  

Ryan was in heaven. 

Linny and I look very preggers.  And Linny making pregnancy look particularly sexy

Poor husband has had quite the weekend and week so far with some sickness.  Thursday night he started having super red, itchy eyes.  We thought maybe allergies but weren't sure.  He suffered all through Friday with gritty, itchy eyes that were making him miserable!
Saturday morning he woke up with crusty eyes (BAD NEWS!) so we headed to a clinic where they told him double pink eye and started him on antibiotic drops.  Since Saturday nothing has gotten better so he saw another doc today that told him it's actually an infection called blepharitis.  He is on two antibiotics, an anti-histamine drop, and regular drops.  We are really hoping he can kick this eye infection asap because he is miserable!

Prayers please for a sick husband who just wants to be able to see and not be in pain all day :(

Poor husband just crashes after work with a hot washcloth on his eyes

Sunday night Ryan's mom called us on Facetime so we could say hi to a few sweet babies!  Rilyn, Xander (his forehead, anyway), Ryder, and Sawyer all said hello in their pajamas and told us how much fun they were having! 

Look at all these Decker babies!!

Also we are getting 5-6 eggs a day right now!!  Our ladies are so happy and laying us gorgeous eggs every morning.  Ryan built them a little sandbox full of dirt that they love to take baths in.  They are some pretty spoiled chickens but happy chickens = delicious eggs!

Look at all those colors!  Green, blue, and all shades of brown

My two boys each doing their favorite things right now.  Grumples: napping and playing with toys.  Ryan: prep for baby and become an expert swaddler. Swoon! 

When Grumps gets a new toy he literally takes it everywhere with him and sleeps with it at night (thanks to his Aunt Linny who gave him this toy!).  And Ryan practiced swaddling after we watched "Happiest Baby on the Block".  HIGHLY recommend that movie/book!

Well I have a passed out husband on the couch who is fighting off eye infections so I'm going to go help that poor guy out!  Have a fantastic rest of your week.

Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you

Ephesians 4:31-32


  1. Wow 38 weeks already ??!! So exciting. I just can't wait to see ur little one. And my guess is a little princess for gender :)
    But in the end my prayers are for a healthy decker baby! Preston is 6weeks almost 7 weeks. How time has flown. Enjoy your last bit of preggo-life. I really miss it!

    1. Ryan thinks girl too, Vee! Whether boy or girl we just want a healthy baby too. I'm so glad Preston is doing well and hope youre recovering too!!

  2. That concrete looks awesome! I hope you imprinted the doodles paws in it.

    1. I wanted to but then I pictured us not getting the concrete off their paws and they stampeded our house or something!! Doodles are not the smartest.



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