Friday, August 7, 2015

Baby Prep & Doodle Love

We were recently talking about what we could be doing to be best prepared for baby Decker.  I mentioned in my last pregnancy post that I've been learning as much as possible about all things baby related.  And Ryan is too but his time is more limited.

While I read and research, Ryan has been doing house projects and making our home ready for baby.

And while those things are very good, we also came to the very obvious conclusion that the most valuable thing we can do for baby prep is to fully fill up our marriage fuel tank!

Lot's of walks to connect and enjoy meaningful conversation, date nights, encouraging texts throughout the day, praying over and with each other, and building one another up.  I think we've been doing fairly well at this but we can always do better!  And so that is our goal these next few weeks.  To make sure our "marriage tank" is brimming if not overflowing to make sure we are healthiest and then that pours out into baby.

  [Love] always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

1 Corinthians 13:7

We built a fire in our fire pit last weekend and enjoyed some amazing nighttime summer weather over s'mores.  This time was so valuable and needed to reconnect.  I'm so grateful for my sweet husband and how he invests in our marriage and family.

A few evenings ago Ryan was finishing up a house project to prevent drainage issues so the doodles and I hung out on the grass.  I ADORE this picture of my Grumpie bear and want to frame it!  He looks so sweet and perfect (which he is not, I assure you).

Within 5 seconds of capturing my all time favorite picture of him he found something dead to roll in and looked like a crazed, blood thirsty wolf!  Sigh.

 Meanwhile, my precious little Poppy just quietly chewed on a rawhide I had given her and ignored her wild brother.

Ryan was very serious about explaining what he was doing...

Oh, hello handsome husband!  He did a great job on this project and now our basement is protected from crazy water leaks.

We have plans tonight to see a movie in the park (favorite summer time activity!!).  We pack dinner and then I usually scout out the cupcake food truck which is a glorious treat.  I have a Bible study at church Saturday morning while Ryan puts gutters on a part of or house with his dad, and then we are seeing our good friend's daughter baptized.  Should be a sweet weekend and we hope you have an amazing weekend too!

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