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Pregnancy Weeks 31, 32, & 33

Weeks 31, 32, & 33 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby Size: A pineapple

My weight gain so far:  
Honestly I don't know because I haven't been to the midwife in 2 weeks (go again this Thursday) but I'd like to say somewhere in the 25-26 lb ball park??

Let me just say that it never, ever gets old as a pregnant lady to be told how cute you look, or how fit you look, or how great you look. I seriously want to kiss those people right on their heads!  Thank you kind people of the world who say nice things no matter how true or not true they are.

Food loves: 
We have been eating homemade lasagnas filled with lots of veggies and beef, Ryan made a killer crockpot pineapple chicken the other day.  Ryan also cooked an AMAZING ginger-garlic sirloin stir fry (better than take out!!!).  Pretty much anything homemade is ok with me at this point.

A lot of take-out/restaurant food sounds too rich or greasy but we have had a few wins with going out.  I like the chicken bowls at Chipotle, the kid's pita meal at Garbanzo, and the cheeseburger at Capital Grill.   Other than that I eat A LOT of yogurt, milk, whole wheat sandwiches with peanut butter and honey, fruit galore, and cheddar cheese sun chips :)

Food hates: 
Eggs, stinky cheese, cumin, grease, and anything with green chilis in it

3 Pros of Week 31, 32 & 33
1.  I have a large and in charge belly that gets us a lot of attention when we go out.  When ladies smile at us or talk to us about it, it really makes both Ryan and my day.  We love it!
2. The stamina I feel again these last few weeks!  I must brag on my pregnant body that it is very tough.  Ryan and I repainted all our baseboards in the whole house, we did a lot of hours of yard work the last two weekends, and we still walk a1-2 times per day on top of all that.  Bodies are so strong and enduring!
3. Just enjoying our last few weeks together.  We went on a date night last night, ate burgers on an outdoor patio in Golden, and just talked for over an hour.  I like having our baby safe in my belly while I am still just enjoying my husband on-on-one

3 Cons of Week 31, 32, & 33
1. Stupid over active night time bladder.  I got up 8 times last night.  No...just no.
2.  Intolerance to the heat.  We have had a very tolerable summer in my personal opinion, but nothing wears me out like the heat.  I need the swamp cooler on, the AC in the car running, and a fan on me at night.  All house/yard work has to be done before 9:00 a.m. or after 7:00 p.m.  It's just exhausting!
3.  Just feeling like my body isn't my own.  I'm learning so much about this incredible process of pregnancy has an immense learning curve of selflessness and patience.  I can't wait to have my body back to myself (minus breastfeeding) in a few weeks because it is a lot of work to share it with another tiny human

Working Out:
Still 1-2 walks per day.  The doods and I walk about 1 mile in the morning before it's hot and then Ryan takes us all out again at dusk for a longer 3 mile walk.  We try to keep a strong pace and get lots of hills in there for the cardio.  I walked with my dear friend Ashley around Sloan's this week which I loved and am staring at my yoga mat with longing after I pass the NCLEX.

I find a lot of enjoyment in "exercising" while just doing household things because it's good muscle work and just a different activity.  Vacuuming, gardening, pulling weeds, helping bag yard clippings, etc.  Just anything to change it up.

Best Moment of the Week:
Well since it's been three weeks there are several!

My mom VERY generously got my sister and I pre-natal massages last Friday.  And not just any massages, 90 minute ones!!  Sweet merciful Moses it was heaven.  If you ever want to make a pregnant lady happy tell her she looks good (see above) and then buy her a massage.  I chose a relaxing aromatherapy blend for the lotion and came out of that room a revitalized lady!

Ryan and I started Bradley Method birthing classes.  This is the highlight of my week right now.  We are learning so much about the body, birth, labor, birthing techniques, and more.  This is a husband-coached birthing class so we are both involved and it's a really good fit for our personalities and goals in labor.

My FREE breast pump arrived in the mail.  Our insurance is seriously the bomb and they covered a really good quality pump for me along with a lot of accessories.

Finally, I am a little ahead of the game, but I started getting our hospital bag just a bit together.  Out fit for baby, toiletries for me, and just making a list of the other things we need.  Not that long to go until we meet our precious peanut!

Ryan is in more nesting mode than I am!  He has successfully painted and caulked all our baseboards in the house, put on a new door at our rental house, weeded our entire yard, cleared out our entire crawlspace of debri to have it clean, and has about 10 other projects to complete before baby comes.  It just helps him (and me) to feel better with all this stuff out of the way!

Every morning he has "him and baby time" which makes me laugh.  Basically I just lay there quietly while he puts his hand on my belly to feel the little one kick and either talks to it or just soaks up the movements.  I am not invited to participate in their bonding time ;) Ha!  He is such a softie for our baby Decker.

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