Monday, July 20, 2015

Pregnancy Week 34

Week 34 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby Size: A cantaloupe

My weight gain so far:  
25 lbs exactly!  Feeling so good at this point in pregnancy and just hopeful to stay that way for the next 5ish weeks.

Food loves: 
I adore Chick Fil A's lemonade when it's hot out, I've been eating a lot of this organic blueberry yogurt I found (and now they are going out of business, ugh!),  2 nectarines a day because they are that juicy and sweet, and always a bowl of cheerios before bed.

Ryan has been grilling and made us some amazing and healthy chicken nachos the other day!  He covered the chips with sautéed veggies, vegetarian refried beans, homemade salsa, and plain yogurt instead of sour cream.  SO good!  I also like swiss cheese and almonds for a snack, any kind of fruit, and slice up whatever veggies sounds good to make sure I get those in.  Protein is not too hard to get in these days and I am aim to get 75-100 grams a day.

Food hates: 
Plain eggs, french toast (made me sick twice), hard/stinky cheese, cumin, the grilled chicken at chik-fil-a (too salty!), and anything with green chilis in it

3 Pros of Week 34:
1.  How smooth everything is going!  Besides first trimester morning sickness and the occasional migraine...I can't say this pregnant has been very eventful.
2. Learning so much with our Bradley classes.  It is such a gift to soak up the wisdom of our instructor every week and just learn about how amazing the human body is and how my body is totally built to birth out this chunky Decker Baby!
3. Enjoying activity.  We hiked over the weekend about 3 miles in Golden and it was gorgeous.  I actually told Ryan I forgot I was pregnant because I could easily keep up with him and the doodles and felt so strong the whole time.

3 Cons of Week 34:
1. Interrupted sleep due to a certain tiny Decker enjoying kicking/punching/bouncing on my bladder
2.  This has been true my whole pregnancy but just not a huge appetite.  I eat of course but I don't crave food the way I thought (or hoped!) I would.
3.  Lugging around an extra 25 lbs ;)

Working Out:
Walks, walks, walks!  We did the hike of course that I mentioned and have some plans to get in a bike ride now and then before this baby comes, but mostly walking everywhere.

Best Moment of the Week:
Hiring our doula, Danielle, of Roots to Nest.  She is an amazing, knowledgeable, passionate woman with nearly a decade of experience helping families have amazing birthing experiences!

I am thrilled to death to have her at home/at the hospital with us to make sure we have the natural birth that I want and know I can accomplish.  Check her out, she is seriously such a gift to us in this process and I feel so much more confident with her there.

He has taken such amazing care of us lately!  Seriously, over the weekend he cooked almost every meal, would barely let me help with house chores, all while working some overtime at work and helping a friend do a house project.  He is superman/husband/future dad!

His goals this week are to research more on circumcision decisions (if we have a boy), parenting approaches (Baby Wise, Attachment, etc), and just get more educated in a few areas.  I can't wait to hear what he learns and thinks.

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