Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fly By!

If I don't update now I'll forget all of the things we've been up to!

My days for the last 2 weeks have been NOTHING but studying for this NCLEX.  For about 3 weeks after graduation I made sure to study all content for 3-4 hours per day to give myself a solid foundation.  And for the last 2 weeks or so I just do practice questions ALL day, about 7 hours per day.  

The library staff and Starbucks employees must know me by name.

It is absolutely exhausting mentally but I am learning so much and feel very, very confident walking into this NCLEX.  My fabulous/brilliant study partner, Nylah, just took the exam and passed so I think our methods were effective :)

Anyway, I cannot wait to be done.  My test is scheduled for July 21 at 11:30 a.m. and I am very anxious to take it, pass it, and officially be an RN!!

This made me laugh out loud.  A small percentage of the NCLEX and practice questions are about psych patients and therapeutic responses...this was just hilarious to me

In other news I think we may have just discovered a new holiday that might compete with Christmas and birthdays in the Decker household...Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day aka dress up like a cow and get free food

I'm ashamed to admit how many times we went to this fast food establishment on Tuesday...

If you dress head to toe you get the full meal (entree/side/drink) and my husband LOVES this kind of thing.  So we both went and had breakfast together as cows, he went back for lunch with his co-workers, and then we hit up 2 Chick-Fil-A's on the way home from our birthing class.

We literally got over $60 of free Chick Fil A food  #mortifiedandfullofchicken

Ryan is doing remarkably well post-ostomy reversal.  I haven't posted much mostly because I don't have the time but also because there isn't exciting anything to report!  His bowel movements are minimal and healthy, his weight is steady, he has no pain, and his incision is healing.

Thank you, Jesus!

He in playing on his ultimate frisbee league again and looks super hot and buff doing it too!

He is busy at work developing new curriculum at work, a role that he has found he thrives in!  And they are doing all sorts of crazy monitoring and evaluation type of things that I don't understand and there is a lot of statistics involved.  He is loving his job right now.  We are so thankful!

Also, our chickens started laying!  These stunning light blue eggs are from our Ameraucana chickens.  They are too pretty to eat. Actually, the first ones are always a bit small so they are hard to really cook with.  Maybe Grumps and Poppy can just eat them for a snack.

Our other ladies will lay lots of shade of pretty brown eggs but they haven't started just yet...but I didnt check the coop today so maybe they did!

Finally, we are making a list of "things-to-do" before Baby D comes and many of those activities include fun date nights.  We have some things we want to just enjoy with one another before this peanut arrives.  

On my list is movie nights in the park, hike through Coal Creek, picnic on Clear Creek, and some other fun activities.  Not sure what's on Ryan's list but we are compiling this weekend and I can't wait to soak up my man these next  6-8 weeks!

That is all for us Deckers!  I'm so happy to finally get a blog post up because my brain couldn't take one more nursing question.  It was a nice break.  It will be a bit until I post again because I want to focus 100% on studying.  Prayers would be appreciated for a pass on the first attempt next Tuesday!

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that always having all sufficient in everything, you may have abundance for every good deed

2 Corinthians 9:8


  1. All the best on your exam tomorrow! I will say a little prayer for you! You're gonna rock it!: D

    1. Thank you Vee!! I did pass and I am so thankful. Thank you for praying!!



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