Monday, June 15, 2015

Welcoming June

I told Ryan a few days ago that we have accomplished more in 1 week than most people do in their entire summers.

In just one week we had a pre-op appointment, Ryan underwent his ileostomy reversal, we stayed in the hospital for 3 days, we attended my baby shower, and I had my last (very long, very demanding) 4 classes of nursing school.


It has been a whirlwind but there was no other way to schedule everything.  I slept for almost 12 solid hours the other night which tells you something because I am normally up peeing once an hour at night.

We are thankful to have a lot of crazy behind us.  The rest of the summer looks like Ryan recovering, my nursing school graduation, studying like a maniac/taking the NCLEX, hosting a baby shower for my sister, attending a Bradley birthing class, and finally popping out a teeny human!

The summer will be different than we thought but a good one I think.

Here are a few pictures that I had time to get the last few weeks...

This group are all of my nursing school ladies-some of the sweetest, most hilarious women I know!!  I was so grateful they made it to the shower

This was our car after the baby shower and it wasn't even all the presents!  We were so spoiled and blessed!  Then we got it all into our nursery and had to find a place for it.  Not a bad problem to have :)  Over 60 ladies showed up to celebrate Baby D and that in itself was gift enough.

We officially have everything we need post-baby shower.  We want Baby D to keep cooking for 11 more weeks but he or she could come anytime and we are fully stocked...we are grateful!

Yesterday Ryan asked me if I am anxious to meet our baby?  Yes buuuut...I am also not in a huge rush to experience the worst pain of my life aka labor.  So I'm happy with Baby D cooking away for awhile longer.

On the 9th it was Ryan's 29th birthday.  I don't know if you can tell from the dark picture but I decorated the kitchen with balloons and crate paper.  He got a few rock climbing carabiners that he wanted.  We had Santiago's breakfast burritos (he only had about 4 bites, but it was still something!).

My parents came over later with special birthday lunch and presents for him while I was in class.  We finished up celebrations on Saturday by seeing Jurassic World!  I would say it was a good birthday.

This pretty much sums up Ryan Decker's life right now.  He does a great job at persevering and engaging in life still.  He works 1-2 hours a few times per week from home, takes walks down the block, and takes short drives with me to run an errand or see friends/family.

But after we do anything?  He crashes!  You can barely spot him in all his pillows!

Friday night we went to White Fence Farm with my family to celebrate my grandma's 89th birthday.  This is a cute little restaurant with shops and farm animals on the property.  The fried chicken is delish and it's always a fun place to go in the summer.

I take my FINAL test of nursing school Monday which I am both thrilled about and nervous. It determines my grade in my capstone class.  I'm right on the edge of a B+ and an A and REALLY want that A!  Then Friday we have my graduation ceremony and will go out to lunch with both of our families to celebrate.  I cannot believe my nursing school journey is over in 5 days!!

Ryan will be busy recovering this week but he also schedules time to work and rest.  It's a balance and we are still learning what wears him out and what he can tolerate.

Speaking of Ryan, his recovery is going really well!  We are learning what he can and cannot eat still.  Too much movie theater popcorn was a major miss on our part.  He is still pooping formed stool which is INSANE!!!  I know I've said this before but every ostomy reversal story was totally overwhelming with tales of constant diarrhea for months on end, if not the rest of their lives.


We cannot stop being amazing and thankful for the surprise of his healthy bowel movements--yay poop!  He is so thrilled to not have a bag hanging off his belly anymore.

Ryan's mom said to me the other day that she never has heard Ryan complain about his ostomy but now hearing how much he loves NOT having a bag just shows how much work it was to maintain an ostomy.  That is just so true.  There is so much people didn't see behind the scenes that Ryan dealt with and I am a thrilled wife to see him rejoicing and enjoying a bag-less life.

We hope you have a great week and I'll have graduation pictures and a 30 week pregnancy update up soon!

 Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good

Romans 12:9


  1. So much love for Baby Decker, as made evident by the back of your car!!! How sweet! I loved all the pictures, and a happy belated birthday to Ryan! The kitchen looks great, and so does that cozy pile of pillows! I love reading your posts and rejoicing with you in all the good that God has sent your way - so glad the recovery is going so well, and yes, YAY POOP! Happy early graduation! I'm so proud of you - you are going to be an amazing nurse! If I'm ever in the hospital (again), I'll be lucky to have a nurse like you!

    1. You do a great job rejoicing with us! It's so fun to share. And thank you for the super kind works and confidence booster-I hope to be an amazing nurse who is always passionate about what I do!



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