Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Joys

Even in the midst of Ryan recovering from his surgery (updates posting soon) we are still trying to soak up as much Colorado summer awesomeness as possible!

It is a little bit hard when his diet and physical abilities have some restrictions but we are still making the most of it.  He is working from home part time while recovering the other half of the day.  So in the evenings we walk to the nearby park with the doodles, grill summer-y meals, read, sit on the back porch, and make time for some low key summer events.

For Father's Day we took my dad to the Rockies game.  They won and in the 5th inning (I think...) there were a bunch of home runs and that was SO fun to be there for!!  It was a super perfect summer night and it was nice to be out of the house.

This is the type of food that graces our kitchen most days.  As summer-y and fresh as possible is all that I ask.  Big bowls of watermelon and nectarines, grilled corn, salads, and a hot dog?!  I HAAAAATE hot dogs but this one was grilled pretty perfectly by my husband and in my pregnancy craziness I ate it.  

It wasn't the most horrible thing that ever happened but I can't say there will be a lot of them in my future either.

We have big bouquets of fresh flowers around our house and the swamp cooler runs on high.  I keep it so cold in our house that poor Ryan walks around in a jacket most days #summerpregnancyjoys

 One day last week we took the whole day to ourselves.  Some plans got rearranged and canceled so we made it a sabbath instead.  Side note: we should have one day every week for rest and recharge! We talk about it and implement it for awhile but need to be more regular about it.

  We slept in, made breakfast, went on a walk,  spent time at the library and passed away the rest of the day reading.  I drank big mugs of decaf coffee, read magazines on the porch between chapters, Ryan devoured his new books, and I took THREE naps.

It was the most restful day we have had since the beginning of June.  In just a three weeks time we have had so so so so much going.  Surgery, hospital stay, recovery, final classes, big tests, graduation,  studying, a funeral, family events, and more.

Even just one simple day of rest was all we needed to completely recharge and refuel.  I am grateful.

In other summer news, owning two black doodles means we have to be very careful with the heat.  These two overheat so quickly because of their dark color and thick hair.  Even on he earliest morning walks when it's still cool and shady they come back panting like crazy.  We only walk at night now so they stay comfy.

To keep them happy during the day they get constant bowls of ice water, ice cream treats (which Ryan thinks is a great use of delicious ice cream), and the other day nice long cool baths.  I might have cooled Poppy off too much because the little munchkin curled up in a tight little ball for about 3 hours afterwards on her bed haha

I keep cool with the swamp cooler on full blast and big water bottles of ice water.  This was one of the gifts my parents got me for graduation. How cute?!?  It's from Etsy and I love it!

I always brushed people off when they made comments about pregnancy and the summer but now I do understand a little more the discomforts that come along with it.  It's obviously a first world problem because I have SO many ways to stay comfortable but it's been work to stay patient when I am overheating.  

And just for the record it's never helpful to tell pregnant ladies how hot they will be in July.  Just shut your mouth because believe me...WE KNOW!

That is about all for us!  I am studying 4 hours a day for NCLEX and feeling more confident by the day about passing the first time.  I need a focused brain and the grace of the Lord to do it though!

Ryan starts back to work next Wednesday and we are really hopeful his bowels are working the right way and he has the complete physical endurance for an 8 hour day at the office.  He always amazes me!

We have plans for the Farmer's Market this weekend, more grilling out, and maybe a firepit one evening.  We love summer!!


  1. Carly we are vacationing in Colorado the week of the 13th in July. I think it's Avon, CO. Anything y'all suggest for us to do that's couple and kid friendly besides relaxing in the timeshare all day?? Lol we are going to a Rockies game but I see that the stadium is like 2 hour drive away! Eeek!

    1. Oh we LOVE Avon!! We go there every summer for our anniversary. We stay at the enormous Westin right in the center of town. Not sure where yo will be staying of course but we recommend that hotel HIGHLY!

      Let's see....there is a Marble Slab Creamery about 4 miles from Avon in Edwards that we like to bike to. There is also a little movie theatre right in Edwards too along with a lot of little shops including a cute bookstore/coffee shop. Eagle River runs through Avon and there is a gorgeous paved walking trail that we like to bike--it's shaded with picnic tables scattered along the trail. Lots of trails to hike and bike, just ask the hotel concierge for a map. Not sure how kid friendly it is but we para-glided on our honeymoon one year and that was so much fun! ;) I would recommend googling adventure companies that could take you on a rafting trip or I know there is ziplining in the area but we've never done it ourselves. Have so much fun, we absolutely love Avon and it is hands down one of our favorite mountain towns.



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