Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ryan's 29th Birthday!

Oh my sweet husband, where do I even start?  Words cannot express how much I love you, how highly I think of you, and what a wonderful husband and man you are.

Here are 29 reasons why I love you and why I am thankful on this day that you were born:

1. You are are a man who loves the Lord and pursues Him with a daily zeal and commitment
2.  You love to eat!  You enjoy food (which makes me feel good whenever I cook you something) and you find such joy connecting with your friends and family over a long meal or yummy treat
3.  You have a soft spot in your heart for our wild doodles

4.  You have perfectly balanced being a strong and firm but gentle and loving leader.  Teach every man in the world about that, ok?
5.  You have never met a stranger-from the check out guy in the store to the neighbor across the street, you are instant friends with everyone

6.  You have sexy scars!
7.  You were brave enough to pursue an ostomy reversal and recover from it like a boss!
8.  You love wisdom and wise teachers-John Piper being the main man from whom you soak up godly wisdom

9.  You love our families SO well and so authentically-it's a joy to see you engage with every one of them
10.  You text our moms things like, "Just thinking about you and love you."  Who does that?!

11.  You take care of your health to assure you around a long time to care for and lead your family
12.  You do not shy away from hard things, you ask the Lord for strength instead: surgeries, health challenges, taking on a new position at work that is our of your comfort zone, going on trips to third world countries, etc

13.  You love to organize things
14.  You are handy and can fix ANYTHING

15.  You do not know song lyrics
16.  Speaking of songs, you have a big crush on Taylor Swift which is freakin adorable and you know all her songs

17. You love nothing more than a soft shirt and delicious ice cream shake
18.  You work very hard everyday to allow me to stay home and financially provide for your family

19.  You love giving me middle of the night back rubs...it's your second favorite after #17 ;)
20.  You call our surgeon, "My Dr. Blake" haha 

21. You sing to and talk to our little one in the womb
22. You are so generous with your time and resources-you constantly challenge us to give more financially, serve others, and step into service roles
23.  You love your friends deeply and have so many men in your life that you love and who love you back just as much
24.  You swoon over golden retriever puppies.  And donuts.  
25. You have a lot of scripture memorized which has always left me in awe and made me respect your walk with the Lord even more

26. You are not a dweller or angry about what you have been handed in terms of health-you have always appropriately mourned, accepted it, and moved on to a place of allowing it to be used for fruit in your life or to help others.  WOW!
27.  You say the most inappropriate, hilarious, ridiculous, awkward things that keep me and everyone around you laughing non-stop

28.  You want perfect backyard grass
29.  Finally, I love you because you are the one and only Ryan Decker.  Anyone who knows you knows there IS literally no one like you in the world.  One minute of being around you is evidence that you know the Lord, there is something special and different about you, and that you exude joy for the life you are living.

What an honor to be married to you for the last 5 years and celebrate year after year of your life.  You are worth celebrating my Ryan John.  I couldn't love you more and I hope your special day is the most wonderful you have had so far!


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