Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pregnancy Weeks 29 & 30

Weeks 29 & 30 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby Size: Large cabbage

My weight gain so far:  
23 lbs at my last weigh.  This has been an area of frustration for me.  Not the weight gain, but the emphasis on numbers in the OB world (which is ironic that I am keep track of it drives me crazy, no?!?).  Anyway, I never weighed myself until my first midwife appointment when they HAD to know my pre-pregnancy weight.  I just don't like the numbers game!!  Anyway, for the remaining 10 weeks I'll still be counting since they need to know but more importantly I want to emphasize that I feel good, look good, and am healthy more than the final number on the scale.

Rant finished.

Food loves: 
Meh.  I am so picky with foods again as of late.  Ryan and I have decided I am not a very fun pregnant lady when it comes to cravings and eating.

I am into Kashi cereal for breakfast, nectarines, watermelon, tofu stir fry, greek yogurt, homemade fruit smoothies.  I ate pretty much a whole bag of harvest cheddar sun chips on my own and will never turn down a Sweet Cow ice cream sandwich.  It's just that I don't really crave anything and sometimes I stare into the fridge hoping that whatever mystery food my body is wanting will magically appear fully cooked and ready to eat.  I'm still waiting...

Food hates: 
Eggs, stinky cheese, cumin, grease, and anything with green chilis in it

3 Pros of Week 29 & 30
1.  I know I always put this but it's so fun feeling all the little body part of our critter in my stomach.  I've had a foot stuck  under my right ribs pretty much all day which blows my mind!  We feel a butt or a head many times throughout the day which is also neat.  It is INSANE to think that a naked little human is hanging out in my uterus just growing away.  Wow. 
2. Foot rubs from Ryan John.  He is so sweet.  I am walking no less than 3 miles a day which keeps swelling in my feet down and makes me feel healthier.  A pregnancy foot rub post shower with lotion from my sweet husband is like Christmas morning.
3. Having a big ole belly!  I really enjoy this part of pregnancy.  I have always thought pregnant ladies are adorable so now I'm happy to be one.  I like having a belly for people to touch and ask about and share.  It's a gift!

3 Cons of Week 29 & 30
1. Pubic bone pain!!!  Anytime I sit or lay too long that ligament right in the center of the pubic bone hurts like it's on fuego!  Ouch.
2.  Being a picky eater.  It's a bummer for Ryan to list off  30 things I can eat and nothing sounds that delish.
3.  Peeing peeing peeing all through the night.  This has been pretty true most of the pregnancy.  I do feel more tired through the day from being up so much but that should just be training I am grateful for once we have a newborn.

Working Out:
2 walks per day which I LOVE!  Ryan recently got an Apple watch and has been helping my track my walks more accurately.  I've been way underestimating how far and long I walk.  I actually cover about 4 miles per day.  I always walk while it's still cool, put on my hat and sunscreen and keep a bowl of fruit in the fridge to cool down with when I get back.

Best Moment of the Week:
Our baby room is done!!  Last week we officially got the baby's room 100% completed.  There is not one supply we need to comfortably bring this baby home.  We are all set and it feels so freeing!  It was so fun to wash all those blankets and onsies, put everything away in it's place and just get the room together.  Most mornings I sit in there with my (decaf) coffee to just enjoy the peace and calm of such a sweet space.  It's my favorite room in the whole house.

Ryan Decker is such a stud.  Even as he has recovered from his surgery he still takes care of me and baby.  How is this even possible?!  He rubs my feet at the end of the day and is always willing to get me a late night snack.  He did a great job helping me put away everything in the baby's room with great suggestion for organization or where we should hang things.

He has officially picked out our baby's name if it's a girl (which he is confident that it is).  I cannot decide on a girl name I even remotely like so I told him he should just name her if she is a girl and that made him very happy :)  We have about 94 boy names we like so if our baby is a studly little man we are all set.  Anyway, he has his girl name picked out and LOVES it which I think is quite adorable.  We shall see in about 10 weeks what the little peanut is!

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