Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pregnancy Weeks 27 & 28

Weeks 27 & 28 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby Size: Kobacha Squash (whatever that is)

My weight gain so far:  
20.5 lbs so far.  My last appointment was with my favorite of the midwives in the practice and she was SO encouraging that my weight gain is perfect and right where it needs to be.  That made me feel good after a faster gain the month before.

Food loves: 
We are keeping our fridge stocked with bell peppers, honey pear yogurt, spinach for smoothies, swiss cheese, and milk for cereal.  For dinners we have been grilling so much!  Pepper/squash/chicken kabobs, citrus salmon, shrimp, and corn on the cob.  Anything grilled is always fine with me!  Fridays nights we usually eat out so a delicious pepperoni pizza or Chick-Fil-A is always yummy.

I love ice cream sandwiches from Sweet Cow, dark chocolate covered dried fruit from Costco, and homemade milkshakes by Ryan for special treats. 

Food hates: 
I don't really love eggs still and I had a bad run in with parmesan cheese this last week that has scarred me for life.  *shudder*

3 Pros of Week 27 & 28
1.  Kick kick kicks!  This little one is very active and has most recently started kicking at the sound of Ryan's voice.  That is the sweetest thing in the world!
2.  Feeling really good and walking twice a day. I love the workout of a morning and evening walk and it always puts this baby to sleep.  Once we get back the kicks start again but it's nice that he or she is lulled to sleep by some exercise that's good for me too.
3.  No stretch marks still!  Not a one!  That is pretty amazing and I have my mom's genetics to thank for that.

3 Cons of Week 27 & 28
1.  It is really hard to get solid sleep at night.  I wake up every 1-1.5 hours to pee.  Plus I have some carpal tunnel pain and/or hip pain that will make me once in awhile.
2.  Left back/hip pain throughout the day.  This isn't terrible but I think there is pressure on my sciatic nerve because I can feel discomfort through my low back to my heel at random times throughout the day
3.  Blood sugar swings.  Oh my!  These have always been true throughout my pregnancy but I feel like lately if I'm not eating every 2 hours on the dot then I am in big trouble!  I feel shaky, light headed, tired, and grumpy.  I really try to eat very often but sometimes time gets away from me and I just crash.  It's pretty miserable.

Working Out:
Still two walks a day at about 30-45 minutes each.  I probably cover 1.5 miles per walk and it's just so good.  I love these times to pray, unwind, and stay fit.

Best Moment of the Week:
One morning Ryan bent down to say goodbye to the baby before work.  He was right at my stomach and said in sort of a low, loud voice, "Bye baby!" and there was this really intense pressure right at my hip bone.  Sort of painful actually!  I thought maybe Ryan had accidentally bumped by belly but oh no, this little one heard it's daddy's voice and KICKED SO HARD!  I laughed as soon as I realized what happened but I think he woke him or her up or maybe scared the baby.  I loved the baby's response to his voice :)

Oh sweet Ryan.  In the midst of his skin issues and surgery prep he has taken such good care of me.  Making me on demand grilled cheeses and smoothies, rubbing my feet, rubbing my back at night, making sure I'm drinking water, and walking with Baby D and I every night.  He takes care of us so well I am always floored to think about how blessed this little one is to have him as their dad.

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