Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ostomy Reversal Surgery Day

Yesterday was the big day for Ryan's ostomy reversal surgery!

In case you didn't know, we starting pursing this option several months ago but it's a long process and one that we did not take lightly.  He started having escalating skin issues in August 2014 and with each month things just got worse and worse.  His skin was raw, red, itchy, bumpy, burned, weepy, and just overall terrible.  

These skin problems made it impossible to keep equipment on him or his life running normally.  We exhausted every single option when it comes to medical opinions and consults, ostomy product options, skin therapies, medications, and beyond.  

Believe me...we tried to make his ostomy work.

So come June 3rd after 10+ months of suffering, Ryan went in for his 8th surgery: an end ileostomy reversal.

He had to take oral antibiotics starting the day before-two Flagyl and  two Neomycin, 4 pills total, at 6:00 pm, 9:00 pm and 7:00 am the morning of surgery.  Those made him very nauseous which we expected but it was miserable none the less :(

He woke up on the morning of his surgery after sleeping as long as possible and we went on a short walk to get his bowels totally emptied.  Then we packed up the car and headed out for our hospital stay.  We were told to expect anything from 2-10 days.

We checked in to the hospital at 11:00 and his surgery was set for 1:00 pm.  They didn't actually get his surgery underway until 1:56 p.m.  We didn't really mind the delay, our surgeon does everything on his own timeline which means he never rushes and for that we are grateful.

In pre-op our families came to keep up company.  It was so much fun to have them there.  Everyone was laughing so much and you could tell by Ryan's face that it was so wonderful to be surrounded by people that he loved.

For two hours we spent the time talking baby names, sharing silly stories, and keeping Ryan's mind off his surgery.  He whispered to me as everyone filed out of the little room that he was so grateful that he had a room full of people to love him.

Ryan and his mom who brought him a few gifts.  Ryan and my mom.  He is very well loved :)

Us and our parents

My sister swapped in for this photo and we made the parents take another picture.

Our surgeon and our nurses called us his "entourage" but I think they like seeing patients being well supported and loved.  Finally the nurses started an IV antibiotic, they drew some blood, and gave him his happy medicine, Versed.  He was getting loopy just as I gave him his last kiss and I heard him asking the nurse as he was pushed back to the OR, "Hey, did you drug me?"

Ha!  I love my silly husband.  Always full of joy and willing to be vulnerable that this is scary and hard.  He is so brave.  I will update as he recovers.

Thank you for praying-he can still use as many as you can give!  Specifically for a swift recovery, for his bowels to wake up fully, for minimal pain, and no complications.  Thank you :)


  1. Sending prayers your way, Ryan! You have the best nurse with Carly. Here's to bowels waking up and doing their job again!

    1. Yes yes!! Never before have we prayed for poop but we are these days! Thanks Silvia.



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