Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dear Ostomy Bag,

I was on Facebook the other day when a suggested article popped up on our news feed.  We LOVED it!.

This is Rebecca Zamolo, a great lady who has a truly inspiring ostomy story of her own.  This was her letter to her ostomy bag just a few days before going in for a J-pouch surgery

It was so perfectly timed based on our journey right now and sums up most of our feelings about Ryan's experience with an ilesotomy.  His ostomy bag saved his life and gave him back full health. 

 Reversing is bittersweet and an opportunity we are grateful for.  We hope this letter inspires you to embrace something in your own life that might have been first disguised as difficult but blossomed into a wonderful gift.

Dear Ostomy Bag,

When I got you 9 months ago I had no idea what I would do with you, and I honestly didn’t want you. You made me different, you switched up a routine I had been doing all my life, and you forced me to change. I wasn’t even sure I’d be able to do the activities I loved anymore.

It was tough at first, you put me through a boot camp of learning, and there were a lot of tears. I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it work with you, and even thought about giving up.
But time went by, and you got easier. I started to appreciate how good you made me feel, especially after suffering for so long before I had you. I started to forget I even had you, and soon realized that I was able to do all the things I loved with you on my side. And I started to love you.

Looking back on the past 9 months, I am so thankful to have had you. You have taught me that beauty is not just skin deep, but so much more. Beauty is strength, courage, and fearlessness. You helped me find myself and give me a confidence that would in turn inspire others. You showed me how beautiful and special life is, and let me truly enjoy it again.

Ostomy Bag- as I sit hear and type this with tears rolling down my face, how do I say THANK YOU for everything you have done for me? YOU SAVED MY LIFE. As I head into my final surgery I am hopeful and excited for the future you have allowed me to have. And I know that if at some point I need you again, my life will still be great.

So thank you Ostomy Bag for showing me how special this life is, and letting me live it to the fullest.


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