Thursday, June 11, 2015

Day 4 Post Ileostomy Reversal (1st Day Home) & "How To Poop"

We really desire to be helpful to anyone who is considering an ostomy reversal or has undergone one recently.  There is so much scary info out there about reversals but maybe a real life blog about a dude with Crohn's who was brave enough to take on this procedure will make you brave too!  Please start with these links to follow the full journey...

The Tests Needed for an Ostomy Reversal

We were discharged the evening of Day 3 so our recovery at home started that evening.

On the morning of Day 4 of Ryan's ostomy reversal I actually had a baby shower that was planned for me.  It was nearby our house and we really wanted Ryan to was a stretch, I know.  But 60 of his favorite ladies would be there and my husband is a very social dude.

And while it's hard to believe-he came and did really well!!  But let me backtrack and tell you how and what we changed to make it happen.

The night of Day 3-morning of Day 4 was pretty painful for Ryan.  Gas pains specifically. We chalked it up to the car ride, getting bounced around, the stress of being home, etc.  But the pain just really wasn't relieving no matter how many walks we went on, hot packs we put on his stomach (not the incision), and tylenol we took.

Tylenol being the key word there.

For some reason or another tylenol is what he wanted and needed in the hospital for pain.  The IV dilaudid and oral percocet at night made him insanely itchy so you remember we switched to tylenol?  
Well, once we were home it wasn't cutting it anymore so we switched him.

Saturday morning, Day 4, we gave Ryan two percocet just to try and I headed out to the baby shower.  About 30 minutes later I got a call and Ryan said, "Babe I feel awesome. Like the best I've felt since the surgery!  No pain!"


We want to encourage you to not be weary of changing up your pain meds, asking the docs for different prescriptions, or getting back on stronger meds if you need it.  Tylenol worked for a few days but he needed the narcotics in the end.  It made all the difference and made him able to come to the baby shower, walk the block, and find relief from the pain.

All that to say my husband has rocked the last few days.  

So Day 4 he ate some cereal, peaches, drank apple juice, and visited with his brother and nephews before he was driven to the shower.  At the shower he tried some white cake and water and did well with that!

Before we knew it we were back home and while the details are fuzzy, I can recall that today was his FIRST FORMED POOP!

Not diarrhea, no leaks.  Yes he needs to get to the bathroom pretty pronto when he feels an urge to go. You guys, this is SUCH a big deal.  Just google one time "ostomy reversal" and read the horror stories of people who have diarrhea for 15 times a day for the rest of their lives.

Not my man!  I am so proud of him and while we don't totally understand why his poops are formed with great control, we are thankful

If I can be a total weirdo and make a list of "How To Poop According to Ryan Decker Post-Ostomy Reversal" then I shall...

1.  Feel the urge to poop
2.  Don't panic
3.  Take a deep breath, try to engage your sphincter muscle for control and walk briskly to the nearest porcelain throne
4.  Sit down
5.  Prop your feet on a short stool (plastic basket for him) to put your legs at ~30 degree angle.  This helps the poop come out easier and is more natural to how your intestines run internally

6.  Make large slow circles with your upper body from your hips, changing directions every few minutes.  This also helps to loosen up stool and work poop down your intestines
7.  Poop!  And for the love of Moses, do not strain.  Promise us you won't strain...EVER!
8.  Fill up a squeezable water bottle with nice warm water and rinse your bum
9.  Pat dry
10.  Apply desitin or baby powder to keep things from getting chapped and staying dry

So that was Day 4 for us!  A busy day that left Ryan totally exhausted and asleep at 8:00 that night.  He ate a simple diet, lived his life, pooped things that weren't runny, and is healing that a champion.

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