Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Baby Decker's Shower!

WARNING: Picture overload!!!

Six hard-working, selfless ladies hosted our baby shower last weekend and it was a truly special, wonderful event!  My mom, sister, mother-in-law, and three sister-in-laws all worked together and worked INSANELY hard to make this day come together.

Wow, we are super blessed!

Over 60 ladies showed up which should speak volumes about how much the hostesses worked...the food, seating, centerpieces, favors...all the details for so many people and it was a flawless event.

The theme was my mom's idea: Cute As A Button.  The main color was green and there were gorgeous baby's breath flowers, burlap and buttons scattered though the venue.  It was hosted in our church in a room they just renovated.  It was the perfect space and perfect day.

 Check out the pictures!

The adorable banner that Anna made to hang over one of the food tables

Everything coordinated so well-the cucumber in the punch, lime in the water, green silverware and cups, and white dishes galore

Guests addressed the thank you cards which made sending them out SUPER fast and easy

On the invites there were instuctions to bring a pack of diapers for entry into a raffle prize.  Let me just tell you that that resulted in A LOT of diapers.  We are stocked until this kid is potty-trained.

This was the button counting game.  Winner got a prize and gave all the guests something to do before gift opening

Everything came together so perfectly.  The ladies did a fantastic job!! It looked just like Pinterest :)

The button cake my mom ordered was a huge hit!  Das Meyer made it and not only did it taste delicious but the decorations were so pretty.  Each button was handmade and the large button said "Cute As A Button" to match the theme

Another cake shot

My parents at the cake table.  They both worked VERY hard to get everything set up.  And Miss Rilyn who was the biggest helper of them all. 

Myself and sweet Rilyn

My mother-in-law made the take home gifts that were a hit!  It was button shaped bath bombs and homemade chapstick.  Both peach scented and they smelled like heaven!

The food!!  Pretty sure it was everyone's favorite part. Fresh fruits and veggies, Italian kabobs, fresh baked bread and whipped butter, cheese and crackers, nuts, different crunchy chips, and of course cake

Rilyn and my dad were very busy setting up the centerpieces and table game.  They did math while they did it--so cute!

This is a random picture but I got all the hostesses a little thank you gift.  A little chapstick, body wash and body lotion from The Body Shop

My sister and I before the shower.  You can just see her baby bump!

Two of the many centerpieces.  Don't you love the burlap, mason jars, and baby's breath?

There were chalkboards everywhere and I thought it added such a sweet touch

Myself with my mother-in-law and sister-in-laws

My mom, myself, and Linny

Some of our very generous gifts

Rilyn really helped us with gifts.  She brought us gifts to open, moved the ones we opened to the side, and even helped us open a few :)  Ryan was the guest of honor which I think was a great idea!  Then it's no so awkward to just have everyone watching the mom-to-be opening presents on her own

Some of my sweet nursing school friends


  1. I am totally going to post some of these pics too! Loved celebrating you, Ry, and baby Deck. Can't wait for him/her to arrive to I can also shower him/her with kisses and snuggles.

    1. I saw them on your blog too!! This baby needs to be showered in lots of hugs and kisses!



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