Saturday, June 27, 2015

Baby Decker's Nursery

The nursery!!

We finished Baby Decker's nursery when I was about 29 weeks which has been so freeing.  It's nice to have nothing to do but wait for baby to show up.

Ryan did so much work to make this room come together-he has had the walls painted, the crib put together, and rocker assembled since my first trimester!  The rest was just accessories and supplies.

We LOVE how the entire room turned out.  Since we aren't finding out if Baby D is a boy or girl we needed to go gender neutral.  The theme was "adventure" so to pull it all together there is the map, a cute plane from Ryan's childhood, and the cloud mobile which was a shower gift.  

The walls are turquoise and most of the accessories are accented in gray or green.

I'm so thrilled to have the little one's room completed and now all it needs is a little baby :)

Ryan made the frame for the map and then stained it.  I think it really makes the map pop.  We have added push pins in colors assigned to each person to designate where we have traveled--Baby D already has 4 countries in utero!

My mom bought us these curtains but signed the package from Grumples and Poppy haha  They are gray and white polka dots and best of all?  Black out to make it nice and dark in there!

Ryan designed this little "toy corner" which I think is so sweet.  He hung up the plane in the corner because it was from his childhood and he just really loves it.  And it was his idea to hang toy baskets from hooks.  It came together so well

We repurposed an antique dresser that used to be in our living room as a changing table

There is lots of room in the big drawers for onsies, clothing, diapers, and anything you need for a change

Look at all those diapers!  Courtesy of the ladies who attended our baby shower

It's nice to have so much organization in our closet.  Keeps everything easy to find and easy to see

I just love this carseat cover that we were gifted at the shower!  It's so neutral and whimsical

And the final accessory?  Two doodles who can't wait to meet their own tiny human to guard and love


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    1. Thanks lady! I knew you would like that because you love the whole world, especially Africa :)



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