Monday, May 11, 2015

Random Things Per Usual

I feel like my posts lately are a big random combination but that's kind of our life right now.  Pregnancy, school, different social events, ostomy stuff, etc...

Oh well! 

We had a great Mother's Day weekend with our families.  On Saturday we enjoyed brunch with my family-baked french toast, fruit salad, bacon and sausage, and blackberry sage lemonade (thank you Pinterest and Linny)!

My mom and Linny both felt Baby Decker kicking around a bit but the little one has been quieter lately so maybe it's going through a growth spurt and sleeping more.

Linny feeling her first niece or nephew in the womb!

After my parents house, Ryan and I ran some errands and this was our incredible view!  

Those are the Flatirons of Boulder in the background but it looks like Ireland to me :)  The rain finally let up today which made my sad but also my floors are cleaner without two muddy doodles running in and out.

Colorado truly is the most gorgeous state

Sunday we woke up to SNOW on Mother's Day!  4 inches to be exact!  It was cold and slushy but we still headed down to Ryan's parent's house for a lunch celebration.  We had homemade quiche, fruit salad, a yummy Italian salad, and monkey bread.

We ate well this weekend!

Ryan started his Mother's Day off with some doodle snuggles on the bed...

Poppy curled up in his arms and Grumples looked dejected at the end of the bed.

There are always a lot of babies at any Decker get together but I did manage to get a picture with the current littlest, Aebrynn.  She was born so tiny at just under 6 lbs but has chunked up so nicely over the past few weeks!

I snuggle her to pieces and have fight over her with Rilyn (who is 4, ha)!

Anna, Rilyn, Aebrynn, and myself.  We are all rooting for our Baby Decker to be a girl to add some more femininity to this wild bunch of Decker boy babies!

This is George, my FIL, with some homemade cookies I brought for him.  He clearly was enjoying them.

This last quarter of school I have to take 3 big exit exams to practice for the NCLEX and they count for all my grade in my Capstone class.  The first one went well a few weeks ago but today...not so much.


I was bumming but then this was my walk green, sunny walk out the door and I got over it pretty quickly.

Denver is pretty rad in springtime

Ryan had Remicade today which my mom always takes him to.  They got breakfast at Chick-Fil-A per tradition and then he read Harry Potter the whole time while his IV pumped away.  We love his Russian nurse, Fena, who has the best accent and always takes such good care of him.

He is usually wiped out after the three hour infusion but he did well today and even worked a bit in the afternoon.  

On the ostomy front:  we meet with his surgeon tomorrow morning to discuss the results of the skin biopsies from the surgery two weeks ago and also keep the discussion up about the ostomy reversal.

Ryan's skin is pretty much telling us NO MORE ostomy appliances!  At least that's how it seems.  NO matter what product, spray, powder, ring, appliance, cream, ointment, prescription drug, or anything else we do to his skin...he is red and burned and itchy and absolutely miserable.  A lot of people, it turns out, pursue an ostomy reversal because their skin finally gives out and simply can't handle something on it constantly.

So the discussion continues tomorrow and we will see what happens.  We would like to see the process of a reversal happening very quickly because we do have a kiddo due in about 15 weeks.  We have waited over 10 months to make this decision with a lot of deliberation and prayers and professional advice so while we don't rush the decision overall...we are anxious now to get going and solve his medical issues!

Updates to come!

Oh you're healthy living advice for the day: sometimes when you are pregnant you just need a cup of decaf coffee and a sprinkle donut.  


If you think about, would you please pray for our decision with the ostomy reversal? That we would be wise and the potential surgery would be well timed and carried out.  That our surgeon would be divinely helped through the process and that we would be brave throughout everything in Christ's strength to do what seems very scary and very inconvenient with a baby on the way.

We need wisdom and guidance and lots of it!

Thank you :)

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

1 John 5:15

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