Friday, May 8, 2015

Rainy May!

Everyone is Colorado is always surprised by rain in May but it happens every year people!  We are on an 8 day stretch of gray skies and down FAVORITE!

My husband knows that I adore the rain.  Nothing makes me happier than a walk in the rain, a cup of coffee with the rain on the windows, the smell of rain coming in.

Heaven :)

The rain has kept me from being in my garden much but I might get up extra early on Sunday morning to throw in a few leftover seeds in the ground and see what happens.  Definitely doing pumpkins again but this time in a big dirt patch to the front/side of our house.  There will be pumpkins galore!

This summer between graduation, passing the NCLEX, a baby shower, a beach-destined Decker family vacation (when I'm 34.5 weeks no less!), and finally birthing a baby...I think gardening is not going to be a priority this year :(

Oh well!  Happier things are happening.  Here is a little of what else we've been up to...

1. Chickens and flowers!

Our ladies are LOVING it outside!  They peck around, I let them free range a few times a week and they have worked up to special treats like meal worms and strawberries.  I can't wait until they start laying later this summer.

Oh and these are some little tulips I plucked from my garden awhile back when there was hail predicted.  My berry bushes are coming back strong and I can't wait until there is fruit!

That's one of our Americanas, the colorful egg-layer, walking down her ramp.

2. Ryan John Decker

This dude is so persevering.  Remember when he had his surgery last week?  Well he has bounced back fabulously and has been doing well.  A little soreness and a few little inconveniences but overall doing well.

The main thing with his ostomy  right now is the dang itchiness!  Imagine being unbearably itchy for 50%+ of your day and wherever the itch was someone taped over it with 50 layers of duct tape and you couldn't get to it!  That's his reality!  You cannot function like that.  Raw, itchy, sensitive, allergic skin is slow torture.

So that's why we are working so diligently these next few days and weeks to coordinate between his GI surgeon and GI doc to figure out solutions or see what other measures need to be taken.  Right now no answers, but we have appointments galore the next few weeks to figure it out.

My husband truly is the most hopeful, Jesus-dependent person I know.  

When a physical aggravation would be making others depressed and angry, he pushes on in the Lord's strength to find solutions and continues to be an amazing husband.  Wow!

We eat salsa A LOT around here!  This is my sister's homemade avocado, tomatillo salsa

3. House fixings

Anyone who says nesting is not a real thing in mamas-to-be needs to be kicked in the shins!  I have been "nesting" since practically week 5 of this pregnancy!  We are doing little projects around the house, cleaning up the yard, doing last minute painting and decorating.

Recently Ryan hung up these industrial shelves for me and I printed off some gorgeous Colorado pictures courtesy of one of our talented friends.

I rearranged the furniture and added the lamp to make a cozy little reading corner.  Many a morning I spend here with my quiet time stuff and a cup of coffee.  Or late at night curled up with a book.  It's so cozy!  

You need a reading corner now, don't you? 

4. Doodles.

Not much to say other than they love the mud from the rain.  The end.

Just kidding.  We have been working on leash etiquette because unfortunately they never are on a leash.  We only do big open parks or hikes with them so they are constantly off leash.

Our little Poppy never had any training with a leash #2ndchildsyndrome  

But I am bound and determined that they will be polite leash walkers so I can take all 150 lbs of doodle plus a stroller with Baby Decker this fall on walks.

It will happen and they did amazing this morning on our 40 minute walk!

5. Pregnancy!

We have recently nicknamed this wild child in my womb, Baby Griz.  Short for Grizzly Bear.  This child kicks and moves and has energy like there is no tomorrow!

If you ever want to be thoroughly amazed at God/freaked out, come over right before bed and watch my stomach ripple and move and contort to crazy shapes!

So our Baby Griz gives is happy and healthy in there which makes this mama very proud.  I had a midwife appointment yesterday that my very kind mom took me to.  We heard the heartbeat at 150, learned my placenta is at the top of my uterus and to the back (perfect placement!), and my uterus is measuring exactly 24 cm (I'm 24 weeks tomorrow).

 I just got to brag about how wonderful this pregnancy is and be thankful for a healthy baby!  My next appointment is that awful glucose tolerance test which I am NOT looking forward to.  Other than that I'm working on our birth plan and looking in Bradley method classes for labor.


Me with my eyes mid-blink on the exam table.  And a little afternoon snack of fruits and veggies to keep the little one well fed!

That's about all that is happening here today!  We are having brunch tomorrow with my family for Mother's Day and hopefully getting out to putt-putt if the weather allows.  We always putt-putt golf on Mother's day :)

Sunday we host the entire Decker tribe at our house and I'm whipping up two Pioneer Woman quiches.  A heart attack from the butter awaits us all but it's SO delicious!

Happy early Mother's Day and happy weekend!

Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone

Colossians 4:5-6

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