Saturday, May 16, 2015

Pregnancy Weeks 23 & 24

Weeks 23 & 24 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby Size: Rutabaga

My weight gain os far:  
My midwives and I are divided on this.  My scale at home which I use at the same time each morning, wearing the same clothes tells me 18 lbs total.  At my last appointment almost two weeks ago one of the midwives told me I had gained 8 lbs in a month, totally over 21 lbs!!  One look at me and you know I haven't put on THAT much weight, especially so much in one month.  But alas, they gave me a talking to anyway and told me to eat more fruits and veggies :)

My pregnancy app I love is telling that at this point in my pregnancy I should ideally have gained between 13-19 lbs.  So I feel like as long as I'm keeping a close eye on it at home (which I do) and my weight seems to reflect what I'm eating and that I feel well, then I can't worry about scale discrepancies

Food loves: 
I'm always up for a big loaded turkey sandwich with lettuce and cheese, rice and beans usually sounds good, raspberry greek yogurt and chia seeds, pumpkin seed granola, chocolate chip cookies, salad with lots of good toppings, fresh fruit, anything grilled, or pancakes.  I love chocolate protein shakes and big bowls of mango and raspberries.  My ultimate love right now is the chipotle steak sandwich from ModMarket, oh yummy!!  The golden cherry tomatoes from the store are so yummy mixed with carrot sticks and snap peas.  And a big bowl of cinnamon Life cereal is always a great late night treat :)

Food hates: 
So many things STILL-sharp cheddar, grease, smelly fish, too much garlic, chili, red sauces, and eggs.  Oh the eggs-I tried to be brave and eat two hard boiled eggs with my breakfast.  Fail.  I literally had them in my belly for about 5 minutes before I was running to the bathroom puking.  I think I have a newfound sensitivity to eggs with this pregnancy.  If they are baked into something I'm a little better, but most egg preparations/dishes make my stomach hurt like a beast!

3 Pros of Week 23 & 24
1.  So much more movement!  More people have been feeling this little one kick and that is so much fun!  Rilyn was the first one besides Ryan to feel it and she was a very patient little lady waiting for her cousin to kick.
2.  Having people notice I'm pregnant!  Not that they didn't before but I've had so many fun, encouraging conversations with ladies at Target or in a restaurant that just want to know about this little peanut and they are so friendly
3.  Getting more excited about how close we are to meeting this little one!  The ladies of our families are throwing me a baby shower in a few weeks and it's so fun to think about getting the house and nursery totally set up for baby to come home

3 Cons of Week 23 & 24
1.  Carpal tunnel-STILL!   This is so so so so bad.  Most nights are ok but I notice a lot of pain if I ate more salt that day (more salt, more swelling).  The pain is exactly what I would imagine it would feel like to break your wrist.  And no, I am not exaggerating.  It's a cracking, burning, bone deep pain that shoots to your fingers and down your arm.  Wow, never had anything like it.
2.  Pelvic girdle pain.  This one is because my ligaments are just loosening up and preparing for birth but sometimes my pelvis just aches.  Heat helps though
3.  Heart burn!  Oh have mercy.  The worst is from peanut butter!!  How weird is that?!  I can usually kick it very quickly with some apple cider vinegar but pregnancy heart burn, well, burns!

Working Out:
It's a rare day that I don't get in two walks a day.  One in the morning with the doodles and one in the evening with Ryan.  We walk all over, to different parks and open spaces and I usually try to log 60 minutes a day.

My clinicals are pretty insane right now so I don't have time for much else, but the last two weeks have been great cardio workouts and I'm hoping to fit back in some biking and yoga once I'm done with capstone next Friday.

Best Moment of the Week:
My sweet husband took amazing care of me just a few days ago.  I was up with really bad carpal tunnel pain for a good chunk of the night so he promptly got me a ton of pillows to prop my (already braced) arms up and help the wrist swelling.  He rubbed my head and neck to put me back to sleep and was so kind and patient.  Then he woke up to me barfing up boiled eggs the next morning and without missing a beat brought me a warm washcloth for my face and fresh water to gargle.  Those were actually pretty sucky moments, BUT my incredibly servant-hearted, gentle husband kicked into action to take wonderful care of me and made me feel so loved.

This guy is still trying to convince me to love his favorite girl name :)  We can't decide on girl names!!  Anyone have suggestions?   We like Biblical names or at least names with a neat meaning--send them our way!  He is so wonderful at taking care of me and feeding myself and baby every two hours when we are together.  He walks with me every evening and just compliments and affirms me as my body changes and experiences some uncomfortable times.  So grateful for this man.


  1. Ryan did such a great job taking preggo progress that pic!!! ;) I vote you just combine the names you like. How about Guth Rrace (silent first R)? Just kidding. ;)

    1. Grooth would be a fabulous name. Very unique, no one else would be named that!

  2. How about Abigail? Corrie votes for Felicity, but I'm secretly saving that name in case I accidentally have another baby. :)

    1. We like Abigail! Pretty name. That's so funny, I just told Ryan about 2 days ago that I like the name Felicity. I hope you have another baby accidentally so there can be a Felicity Malone :)

  3. How about Abigail? Corrie votes for Felicity, but I'm secretly saving that name in case I accidentally have another baby. :)



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