Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend!

My man came home from the Dominican Republic about 1:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.  He had been gone on a business trip all week and I was so happy to have him back for the long weekend!  A post to come on his trip.

We did a lot of resting, reading, napping, walking, and enjoying being back together this weekend.  We have both decided our lives are not as cool without each other in them!

To finish out the weekend we were blessed with the most gorgeous Monday weather. Bright, sunny, about 70 degrees.  So we packed up for a hike!  There is a trail, Clear Creek, about 10 minutes from our house that is so stunning.  We decided to go there.

We packed some fresh veggies, apples, walnut brownies and stopped at King Sooper's to get a box of fried chicken.  I like to think we are pretty healthy, but King Sooper's has THE BEST fried chicken and we had no shame.

New life motto:  Eat more fried chicken.

Sometimes we can't believe we get to live in this gorgeous state!!  

We hiked for awhile and then found a spot to tie up the doodles, get them some water, and chow down next to the river!

The doodles were very photogenic...and also really mad we wouldn't let them in the huge rapids raging down the river.

It was the best morning!  Monday actually started out really hard with Ryan's ostomy-his skin flipped out yet again after an equipment change and left him really tired and in a lot of pain.  We finally got it to calm down and did make it on this hike.  So grateful for that.

I was so impressed with Ryan's ability to persevere and endure.  I'll have another post on his ostomy surgery updates but for now the best word is "endure".

Happy Memorial Day!  We are truly grateful for the lives of those who served out country to make a perfect day like this something we can enjoy.


  1. Love these pics! The doods are in heaven!

  2. Carly, I was looking through Antonios supplies and I noticed a product we were using when we were trying to heal his skin. Have the ostomy nurses suggested Marathon skin protectant to him? It's a small vial with a purple colored liquid protectant that you dispense on the irritated skin with a little applicator that looks like an eye shadow brush. If he hasn't tried it I would be happy to send a vial to you to try. Let me know!

    1. We actually have used this and had it on hand before Silvia! Thanks for the suggestion!



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