Friday, May 29, 2015

Colonoscopies & "Crystal Light"

Ryan has a had a busy medical week already!  

On Tuesday afternoon we headed down to our GI doctor's office for his 4th colonoscopy of his life.  

Um, he is 28.  

We overheard this 60 year old guy saying it was his first and we both smiled-by that time in Ryan's life he will be an extra serious pro at these!

Anyway, they started his IV, got some vitals and then took him back to get scoped.  I feel so sad to say that we have never been pleased with this clinic or doctor for a few reasons and that day's visit confirmed for us why.  We are at an unfortunate time to try and switch with all his procedures but as soon as we can, it is SAYONARA SUCKERS and we are out of this place! 

The main issue was that they pulled him out of anesthesia either too soon or too quickly and the colonoscopy was still being done.  Just wow!!  It really hurt and scared poor Ryan and that was the first thing that he said when I was allowed to go back and see him, "I think I woke up!  Did I?  I was so scared and it hurt."

My heart broke for my sweet husband.  The last thing he needs is an anesthetist who doesn't do their job meticulously.  We had a weird feeling about this person anyway when they walked in the room and even said so to each other before this incident.  Yuck.

When we asked the doctor who did the colonsocopy, " Hey, did Ryan wake up early?" he was unfortunately shockingly unprofessional and laughed saying, "Yeah!  We want them to wake up."

Uh, not what we meant ass face, but thankfully Ryan did the talking so that comment was kept to myself.

End of rant.

 Anyway, the results were pretty typical.  He has something called diversion colitis which is an expected side effect of an ilesotomy and we weren't surprised.  His GI doc said from his perspective Ryan is still a candidate for the reversal surgery and that was good news!

Then Wednesday of this week, I picked Ryan up from work and we headed down to Littleton Adventist hospital for an MRE (like an MRI, but more intesnse).  

He had to drink 4 bottles of this contrast liquid in 1 hour.  1 every 15 minutes.  We set a timer and then turned on Taylor Swift music videos for him haha

The lady who gave it to us was like "It tastes like Crystal Light".  Ryan has drank think stuff before and we wanted to tell her, riiiight...if there is a salty thick berry flavor then it's spot on!

He did great but his ostomy ended up leaking since all of the liquid just clears you out.  His pouch was SO full at the end of the scan.  He did so wonderfully though with it all and didn't complain once.

We will learn the results soon but we are hopeful they are clear!

Ok that's about it for sweet Ryan's health!  He is persevering with skin issues for a little longer until his surgery next week and I am so proud of him.  Updates to come!

By standing firm you will gain life...

Luke 21:19


  1. Ryan and Carly,
    We are still following along from CT and are praying with you!!! So sorry to hear about that horrible scope! Kenny agrees that the MRE contrast does not taste like crystal light, we both got a good laugh out of that!
    Sarah & Kenny

    1. He knows all too well!! Thanks for reading along as we adventure through this next stage.



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