Monday, May 25, 2015

2nd Trip to DR in 2015

I'm so excited to share a few pictures of Ryan's most recent trip to the Dominican Republic.  He was gone for a week and kept saying how this was his most productive and meaningful trip with work yet!

I am SO proud of the work that Healing Waters International (HWI) does and that Ryan gets to be a part of it.  It's his dream job :)

Meeting with the Olivero project performing a "site audit" or review of the project aka what's going well and what's not

Compassion project called Batey (bah-tay) 6 where HWI has a water project installed

The water filtration equipment at Batey 6 with some of the local leaders

Discussing the site audit with Batey 6 leaders

This is a really rural community called Sierra Prieta.  This is the building is where they house their water system

Ryan and the equipment at Sierra Prietya and two local project leaders

A classroom of kids praying at Villa Hermosa

Doing the site audit with Claire, one of HWI's best health and hygiene trainers in the Dominican Republic

Another classroom at Villa Hermosa.  These kids drink clean water from the water system.  The other water options are contaminated or more expensive

Meeting under a mango tree at Sierra Prietya.  

Its a cultural thing to "meet under a mango tree" because it's the coolest place with the shade.  But Ryan learned it's dangerous because those huge mangos fall and hit the ground HARD--hopefully you're not under one when it falls.

Check out if you are curious about other work HWI's does.  It is the neatest organization that approaches serving the poor sustainably, holistically, and with Jesus at the center!

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