Friday, April 10, 2015

What Up In April!

This month just needs a random update post!  We have so many things going on that we love and are grateful for.


Lets just start with these perfect black faces.  They are the sweetest little pups in the world!  Grumps was cracking us up because when we got home from the cruise he was legitimately mad at us!!

  He pouted for several days, made sure not to cuddle with us, and took great efforts to isolate himself on his dog bed.  We kept teasing him and smooching on him so he finally gave in and is back to his sweet, needy self :)

Poppy also makes us laugh because we will go to a large open park where they can run.  Whenever another walker is going around the park's loop she makes it her duty in life to run up and welcome to the park that day!  She is such a sweet little extrovert.

Grumpy bear!

Little Princes Poppy

We recently bought the doodles a puprunner.  This is a trailer that hooks to the back of a bike that they can be transported in.  They can ride or run in it.  Our goal is to park Ryan's truck and save some money on gas this summer but he needs a way to get them to work.  He bikes 1.5 miles to work everyday so the doodles are very happy to go with him.

So far they are not huge fans (it is a strange experience I'm sure for them!) but with some treats and perseverance we will get them there. So brave, doodles!

Nursing School

Well my nursing school experience is over in exactly 71 days.  YES!!!!  And only 98 days until I take the NCLEX!

These are the books that I recently sold but it's not even all of them.  It felt so good to get them out of the house and remember all of the classes and time I spent in these pages.  

I start my Capstone this coming week.  Capstone is like a final nursing internship where you work "independently" though obviously with the close guide of an RN.  The point is to get a real nursing work experience and focus on time management, drug knowledge, patient care, and so much more.  

I work two 12 hour shifts per week for 6 weeks at a cosmetic surgery center in Golden.  

This surprised me at first but it's a good thing!  I am pretty removed from the patient's cosmetic requests and really get to focus on the pre-op, operating room experience, and recovering them in the PACU.  There are a lot of IV starts, drug experience, wound exposure, and patient education in my future.

Another pro of this placement is that it's less than a 5 minute drive from my house.  Hallelujah!


I made these healthy banana blueberry oat muffins the other day and they are SO good!   MAKE THEM ASAP!

I passed them out to two other preggo mamas I know and we all devoured them.  I made mine triple berry instead and they were a huge hit.

Ryan and I have been tutoring on Thursdays and it's been going really well.  I see so much improvement in my two students just over the last month or so.  Better recall, more willingness to get started, and faster word recognition.  Such smarties!  Ryan's student is brilliant and just needs encouragement as English is not the first language.  Ryan is amazing at encouraging so it's a perfect fit.

Ryan is going back to the hospital for an out-patient procedure later this month-it's not super intense but the purpose is to keep his bowels healthy with his ostomy.  We are spending time this summer focusing getting all his intestines scoped and keeping things thriving in there.  We are confident in his doctors and it's just good to stage his Crohn's and keep up routine maintenance that comes with an ostomy that many people don't think about.

Our amazing friends Matt and Katie are moving to Africa later this month.  This is the exact combo of YAY/NO!!!!  We are so happy for them to move to Rwanda and serve at an incredible organization called Jibu.  But we also love them so much and are pretty mad we don't get to see them at least twice a week like we do now :(

We are helping them move this week and are doing E-days events (a Mines thing) with them so pictures to come from that.

Alright, that should be a pretty good random post.  I have a class orientation this weekend while Ryan goes to the cardboard boat races with friends.  Then like I said, lots of moving help for the Bolts.  Ryan will rock climb on Sunday outside and I imagine I will indulge my nesting instinct and get some gardening in :)

Happy Friday and happy weekend everyone!

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