Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pregnancy Weeks 21 & 22

Weeks 21 & 22 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby size: A spaghetti squash

My weight gain so far: 16 lbs so far!  I totally pleased with this amount because it right where I need to be just a few weeks over halfway in the pregnancy.  I was just moaning to Ryan about "how soft" my body has gone haha BUUUT while I may not have rock solid abs this little one is kicking and active in there.  And active baby = healthy baby so I'll take the body changes anyday

Food Favs: Meh I'm kind of so-so with foods again.  Nothing sounds awesome, nothing sounds awful.  I do enjoy big loaded salads still, Ryan's breakfasts, fresh fruit salads, and our friends made us a killer chicken stir fry the other night!  Anything with peanut butter or strawberries is OK with me and I gobble up smoothies and healthy trail mixes. I also made a big batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies so that was a hit 

Foods hates:  The usual. In particular, ground meat items and grease.  Just no.

3 Pros of Week 21 & 22:
1. Baby D is finally and predictably kicking every day so that Ryan can feel him or her.  It's always at 6:45 a.m. when I'm first waking up, around 8:00 a.m. again, and always, always when I lay down at night to go to bed.  It's hard to feel any kick mid-day when I am around friends or family (little one is asleep) so it might be a bit until others are getting to feel the kicks.
2. We had a fantastic ultrasound this last week where we learned out little one's head is enormous, his or her legs are very long, and we saw our sweet little peanut yawning and hiccuping.  Every body part is there and growing and that perfect little heart is beating at 150 bpm.  Absolute bliss.
3. Being taken care of :)  The ladies I work with at my clinicals, Ryan, my family, all our friends...I have endless people taking care of me and this baby.  With sweet texts, gifts, baby items, surprises, help, and just general thoughtfulness.  Baby D and I are well loved.

3 Cons of Week 21 & 22:
1. Carpal tunnel.  Whew-wee this is actually pretty horrible.  I had a cyst in my left wrist drained about 2 years ago.  Since I have more fluid on me with this pregnancy I am swelling a bit at night in my hands and wrist and I think re-flaring the cyst.  Well the extra pressure on the carpal tunnel in the wrist is EXCRUCIATING.  I actually told Ryan the first night it happened I thought I might have broken my wrist in my sleep because the pain was so intense.  Turns out a special brace has really helped so things are improving.
2. Like I said above, just having a "softer" body.  I know the extra weight is needed and has a lot of benefits.  I would still say I'm in pretty darn good shape at 22 weeks and can bike/hike/walk etc.  But it's quite unusual for me to just not feel toned up.
3. Skin issues still.  This little one has my chin breaking out like I'm in middle school.  Not a fan of that.

Working out:
Walks, walks, walks!  It's the most gentle on my joints and I'm happy with the pace I can keep to get my heart rate up.  Ryan and I walk the track at the nearby middle school and of course there is an open park the doodles and I love to do 1-2 miles in the mornings.

When Ryan plays frisbee on Tuesdays I walk the loop around the park and make sure I always have one "intense" day of cleaning for a workout when it's rainy out.  You can build up a sweat vacuuming and dusting and mopping!  I'm doing 50 wall push ups a day, usually while the doodles eat their breakfast.  Other than that I like to keep it simple with the walks since I know it's safe and good for me and baby D.

Best moment of the week:
This was so wild but we saw my stomach moving the other night!  Baby D was kicking around in there around 9:00 p.m. and my stomach was rippling and moving and extending wherever a hand or foot came out.  It was so crazy!

We have set up our baby registries for my June baby shower and Ryan did a lot of research about products and such.  He wants the safest baby gear and I love that!  He finished his picture frame for the baby's room and it really look so professional.  He has gotten very bossy about making sure I don't bend over too much or lift things which is SO sweet and I quite love it.  Other than that we are debating over names and I have a new favorite girl name I'm trying to talk him into :)  He is, as every other week before, the most amazing future daddy


  1. are looking bump-a-licious!

    1. Thank you, Linny! Someday you will also be looking even more visibly bumalicious! Its just a matter of weeks!



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