Saturday, April 11, 2015

Pregnancy Week 19 & 20

Weeks 19 & 20 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby size: A banana

My weight gain so far: 13 lbs so far!  It's kind of evening off.  I think I gained more in the beginning because I wasn't walking as much but now I seem a steadier 0.5-1 lb per week, which is best.

Food Favs: Spicy!  We bought some chalula the other day and I put it on a spicy chicken sandwich.  I also LOVE the spicy salsa at Chipotle.  Chick Fil A's frosted lemonade is like crack.  I also love crunching on cold veggies like sugar snap peas and bell peppers (buying them in bulk at Costco!).  Sliced strawberries are delicious as well as fresh kiwi.  Anything on ice makes me happy too right now.

Foods hates:  Ground meat, ground turkey, beans, strong cheeses, grease smell at fast food places, and cumin.  GROSS!

3 Pros of Week 19 & 20:
1. I eat whatever sounds good and eat a lot of it!  I'm SO happy to be enjoying food and it makes meals with friends and family so much more enjoyable.
2. Ryan and I are really enjoying this little one together more as a couple.  He finally felt the tiniest little kick a few nights ago after much patient waiting.  We go to another ultrasound in about 2 weeks and I think that he really enjoys those.  Plus my belly is so much bigger now and I think he feels like a proud daddy when people ask us about our pregnancy ;)
3. Being halfway!!  This pregnancy is flying by.  I want to keep Baby D safe and warm in there forever but I'm also so excited to meet him or her.  This is just overall a good pregnancy now that I'm in my 2nd trimester.  I'm gaining healthy weight, exercising, feeling awesome, and loving it all

3 Cons of Week 19 & 20:
1. Freakin acne!  Ugh I feel like I'm 14.  I just try to keep my face clean, my hands off my face, and keep our pillowcases clean.
2.  It's harder to sit up just using my ab muscles. They are pretty much useless and totally separated.  Boo.
3. I've recently started getting hungry again at night so sweet Ryan gets up to fix me a snack.  Usually peanut butter and crackers with a big glass of milk.  How is he SO sweet?!

Working out:
I am walking like it's my job!  I LOVE being active because I just feel like every time I work out my labor will benefit, baby D is benefiting, and post-partum recovery is going to be so much better.  

I walk Sloan's lake several times a week with my other preggo friend or my sister.  It's 2.3 miles around which is the perfect 45 minutes walk.  Ryan and I usually cover 2-3 miles in an evening which is not only great activity but we just get to catch up and enjoy the spring evenings together.  We did two bike rides last week which felt awesome.  Most mornings I try to get the doodles to a park near our house and walk 1-1.5 miles with them.  Other than that I've been trying to do 50 wall push-ups a day and want to do yoga 1-2 times per week also.

Best moment of the week:
Ryan getting to feel a tiny little kick for the first time.  And I had a midwife appointment.  Baby D has the perfect heart rate at 130 and is the absolute perfect size too for our weeks along.  So proud of that little one growing and thriving!

He has a picture frame project he is hoping to complete this week so we can clean up the nursery a bit.  He patiently puts his hand on my abdomen at night (when baby wakes up) and talks to the little one.  Like I mentioned above he is SO sweet to get me meals and snacks especially at 3:30 in the morning!  Overall he is so relaxed and just said the other day how excited he is but how right this season feels for us.  So blessed by him.

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