Monday, April 13, 2015

Preggo Sister!

I don't think it's very often that people truly shock us.  Like they can truly pull of a surprise that has us speechless.

But just a few days ago my sister and brother in law did just that!  

Just a shot of the beautiufl table Linny set and her easter decor.  Gorgeous, no?!

We all went over to their new house for my mom's belated birthday celebration.  It was a delicious dinner and fun time together.  As part of the little party Linny has made "party favors".  They were hollowed eggs that were decorated with glitter and had some little filling in them...

We innocently thought they were just Easter decorations.  Maybe some candy inside?

Well after dinner they said we could open our favors and I LITERALLY almost fell off my seat at their announcement!  It was the best possible news!

Inside was a rolled up piece of paper that said "baby thunell hatching october 2015"

They were pregnant!  

Sister belly shot

We have a niece or nephew arriving this fall and let me just say that we had NO idea!  It is so much more fun that way, just a total shock and surprise.

I just kept saying, "Are you serious??"  Why do people even say that when they find out pregnancy news?  Ha!  As if the announcing couple would be like, "Nope...just kidding!"

She is about 8 weeks behind us in pregnancy so these little cousins will be very close in age.  What fun they will have!

 Over the moon excited for them!!

We are so thrilled for them (and for us, we get a new baby to love out of the deal!).  What a happy early Easter present.


  1. Aww that's wonderful!! Congrats to her!

    2 April fools days ago Gary announced to our church we were expecting as a joke. Lol it was funny but I was kinda like 'awe man I wish this was for real' lol

    1. Yes we are so thrilled for them! I bet you guys fooled a lot of people. So glad you are really preggo now!



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