Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Wonderful Caribbean Cruise

About two weeks ago Ryan and I and my parents went on a week long Caribbean cruise!  It was such an adventure.  We had a lot of fun on the boat, enjoying the activities, doing a few shore excursions, and just having the week off.

We disembarked from Texas and headed to Mexico, Honduras, and Belize.  Now Baby Decker can say she or he has been to four countries before even debuting into this world officially!

The first night was my mom's birthday.  We ordered her a big bouquet of these exotic flowers that smelled amazing!  Dinner every night was always delicious.

In Mexico we just laid on the beach for a bit and shopped around.  It was nice to just enjoy 80 degree weather and summer clothes!

This guy posed as a statue but then moved to scare people.  He was fun and we watched him scare people for like 20 minutes

Our enormous boat!  Ryan kept saying he had never seen anything so big before!  It has 19 decks...

Every night we had a three course dinner which of course was delicious and so fancy.  We enjoyed every second of it

At a botanical garden in Honduras Ryan got to meet two talking parrots that liked him a lot

Just a little view from the shore.  The ocean is absolutely beautiful and so enormous.  We couldn't get over how big it always seems every time we are near it.

Post two coming tomorrow...

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