Thursday, April 23, 2015

April Goodness

We love April in Colorado!  The weather swings between rain and sun, we can get outside and walk or bike or run everyday and the newness of spring energizes us!

Here are some photos of what we've been up to...

My undignified first born in his ever glorious state...Grumps and Poppy have been pretty mad at us because we temporarily fenced off the grass and garden/mulch area from them as we try to get everything cleaned up and back in order in our yard.  

They are SO freakin spoiled because in exchange for that "sacrifice" on their part, they get a kiddie pool to play in and twice the walks.  What ding dongs.

Have you no shame, Grumples?

In case you ever need to borrow an amazing mom/ CAN'T have ours!  My mom is the most servant-hearted person you will  ever meet.  

She always takes good care of us and recently bought me a "prego snack bag".  I have super low blood sugar and have to eat every single hour.  So she bought me this soft lunch box to fill with trail mix, crackers, juice, and more.  I just throw in an ice pack and keep it with me wherever I go.  

How smart!

 Ryan Decker was feeling pretty under the weather all weekend.  He went through a box of kleenex and I had him downing tea like it was his job.  

We love to dissolve cough drops in hot tea.   Several cups of that plus a steaming hot shower that you put eucalyptus in, will clear you right out.  He slept, read, and recovered which is a good thing!

I plucked these tulips from my garden before it could snow on them last week :)

 The Bolts!!  Oh our hearts. These two are leaving us this Thursday to move to Rwanda.  We are so proud of them and have been hogging them all week.  

We bowled, went to church, went to lunch at our favorite restaurant D'Deli in Golden, and even had a fancy dinner out at Melting Pot to celebrate one of their last nights.  We will miss them and therefore are monopolizing all their time.

And a lot of this has been happening and pregnancy-pillow-enjoying!  My sweet sister-in-law, Megan, gave me this ENORMOUS pregnancy pillow that I cocoon in.  

Ryan even joins me in it sometimes at night haha  It is so comfortable and supports my growing belly and achey back.  

Let's see...I am continuing to plug away at my final capstone at the surgery center.  I was able to sit in the OR last week and watch some insane surgeries.  I have successful started 4 of 5 IV's and regularly admit patients and recover them post-op in the PACU.

It really is the best clinical site.  Plus, no weekends, nights, or holidays :)

Ryan is nice and busy at work and even has a potential international trip coming up in May.  He is such a hard worker for our family!

Nothing else exciting to report.  I'll be back with a 22 week pregnancy update soon :)

I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand
John 10:28

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