Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ryan's Trip to Mexico

This guy got home late Sunday night from a Mexican adventure!

His trip started out really well.  The team including himself, Ed (CEO), Kayla (Director of Marketing/Communications), J.J. (Director of the Americas), and Pastor Sebastian (Mexico Country Director) all met up in country to get the trip started.

Their time was spent between meeting with new potential partners including a neat organic coffee farm, surveying and visiting existing sites, assisting with an educational heath fair, continuing on in more partnership meetings with pastors and community leaders, and probably million other things I don't know!

On his third night there, Ryan ate what we suspect was an undercooked hamburger and was hit with an incredible bought of food poisoning

 He was sick out both ends (TMI!), fevered, hallucinating, and beyond sick!  Those he traveled with cared for him well which made my wife heart very happy.  I wish I could have been with him, but he truly persevered and was incredible at not letting this ruin his trip.

Everything kept moving and busy but recovering from Mexican food poisoning amidst a work trip is NOT easy business.

The time in country was overall very productive and meaningful.  I think he is so brave for traveling with not only an autoimmune disease but an ostomy too--just proves how dang hardcore he is!

Here are a few pics from his trip...

Ryan on his trip!  And these were the wonderful temperatures he was enjoying all week

Tacos. Does this just give you a heart attack looking at it?

A blurry picture of J.J., Sebastian, and Ed all enjoying a lunch together

I'll be back with a Week 14 update and some other random things soon!  Hope you are keeping warm in this snow.

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. 

Mark 16:15

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