Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pregnancy Weeks 17 & 18

Weeks 17 & 18 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby size: A big ole sweet potato

My weight gain so far: 12 lbs so far!  Like I said, Ryan is convinced it's a big Decker boy growing in there. I still think it's a little lady ;) I don't feel like I'm carrying around 12 more lbs usually.  Actually, I needed to wear a pair of jeans the other day and still got my pre-pregnancy jeans on (a little snug, but they were on)

Food Favs: These last few weeks have been the absolute best as far as food!  We just got back from a cruise and I really was able to eat just about anything.  I still enjoy fresh fruit so much, a big salad with ranch dressing, salmon, shrimp, cold cereal, gummy worms, peppermint anything, yogurt, oatmeal, raw veggies, trail mix.  See??  Things are better!

Foods hates:  Fried, pork products, fast food, beans, squash.  Yuck!

3 Pros of Week 17 & 18:
1. Almost no nausea whatsoever.  It is amazing!
2. I feel like the energizer bunny most days.  It's nice to get to class, study, travel, be with friends, walk, hike, clean, cook and more without needing a million breaks.  I just feel good and really healthy.
3. Baby Decker is very mobile in there.  No one can feel him or her on the outside just yet but that little one is squirmy!  I LOVE feeling the kicks and movements and just enjoying that we have an active,happy baby in there.

3 Cons of Week 17 & 18:
1. I literally pee 30 times a day.  There are no words.
2.  Leg cramps at night.  Ouch--it definitely hurts but is relieved with rest and heat
3.Feeling somewhat dizzy and like my center of gravity is out of whack.  A bigger belly means I feel a little more unsteady on my feet.  No falls or anything but I get up carefully and just use handrails.

Working out:
We completed a 5K on our cruise ship which was a lot of fun!  Ryan and I walk most nights together for 20-30 minutes.  I take the doodles to the park in the a.m. for a 1-2 mile walk almost every day also.

We are getting our bikes out with the warmer weather and I'm optimistic about biking 2-4 miles at a time.  Other than that, my goal this week is to up my strength exercises to keep muscle tone increased.  Modified push ups, yoga, etc.  No lifting or anything but I have been missing toning exercises in my workouts.  I finally gave up daily rock climbing because I just felt so unsteady at times.  If we get a full body harness and we go outside I might do an easy climb but for now my feet are on the ground.

Best moment of the week:
 I was able to successfully travel to three different countries last week without nausea, sickness, or too much fatigue.  It  was really nice to adventure around  and just enjoy pregnancy and warm weather!
Oh my sweet husband!  He is reading daily about the growth and development of our little one.  We both have a pregnancy app on our phones that we like to read everyday.  He makes sure I am fed and rested and just does so many little things to keep me happy :)  Foot rubs, back rubs, walking with me, heavy lifting etc.  He is so thoughtful and really pampers me.  I am a blessed woman!

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