Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pregnancy Week 15 & 16

Week 15 & 16 Pregnancy Questionnaire *
I'm just going to do a pregnancy post every  other week.  I'm so bad at remembering to take pictures every Saturday, so we will just do even weeks from here on out!

Baby size: An avocado. Doesn't that just seem big??

My weight gain so far: I just about fell off my seat at the last midwife appointment but my total weigh in at 16 weeks is 9 lbs!  I don't know why that seems like so much.  Ryan is convinced it's a big healthy Decker boy in there now :)

Food Favs: Food is becoming more enjoyable as each day passes.  I'm loving spicy, grilled food especially corn on the cob, gummy worms (another post as it was my first official craving), a combo of strawberry banana anything, peanut butter, kale salad, citrus, strawberries, and any fresh produce

Foods hates:  The usual...garlic, lots of onion, chilis, chicken is not sounding great these days, hard/strong cheeses, fried, fast food

3 Pros of Week 15 & 16:
1. I had only one "bad day" of nausea and vomiting in the last two weeks.  Other than that I have been an energetic lady that feels like I have a new life!!
2. I happily eat most foods prepared for me or that I cook myself.  There is not a lot that I can't/won't eat anymore which is nice.  I'm sure Ryan especially appreciates that.
3. Baby Decker has been fluttering around in there much more frequently which is so fun!  He or she wakes me up pretty darn consistently at 4:00 a.m. to say hello but I love the movement

3 Cons of Week 5 & 16:
1. Ack-the peeing at night!!!  It's back and it's vengeful.  I was up 5 times last night.  I cut off water at least an hour before bed but it doesn't  help.  My kidneys are too busy these days keeping my body clean
2.  Sleep has been a little harder the last two weeks.  Staying asleep and getting comfy mostly.
3. I'm officially, as of week 16, unable to wear regular pants anymore :(  It felt sad to pack away my cute jeans and colored pants but I'll just busy out the sundresses and skirts for the spring
Working out:
This week we spent A LOT of time outside soaking up the Vitamin D and fresh air.  I walked the doodles over a mile at a local park with Katie which felt wonderful.  Ryan and I hiked about 45 minutes at Dinosaur Ridge in Golden on Sunday.  We rock climbed last week and it's apparent I'll soon have to switch to a full body harness as my bump is getting in the way of regular gear now.  Last night we power walked about 2.5 miles and while my legs were sore, my heart and body were thrilled by the endurance needed.

When I work out I try to eat a really good protein filled snack before-peanut butter shake or sandwich, hard boiled eggs + cheese, etc.  I pack snacks to take (nuts, fruit) and ALWAYS a big water bottle full of icy water.  I find the more active I am the better I sleep, the better I feel, and I'm sure the easier my labor will be in August!

Best moment of the week:
 I was able to hear our little one's heartbeat last week at our midwife appointment.  Beating strong at 150 which is always reassuring.  He or she is measuring perfectly for their gestational age and everything seems to be just perfect so far in this pregnancy.  BTW, we will not be finding out the gender...not until this little human is birthed anyway :)
Ryan really is the baby gear master.  He researched for a lot of hours about baby strollers and finally settled on the Uppababy for us.  I know you're not supposed to buy used baby stuff but we did anyway.  We found an incredible deal on the stroller and it is seriously almost brand new.  We love it--so many features and extras plus it can fit up to three kiddos on it so as our family grows, the stroller can stick around!  I appreciate this willingness to get our baby the gear it needs and be so invested in every detail.


  1. Looking gorgeous Mama Decker!
    So excited for you guys!! U look grea . And I am loving your outfit :)

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