Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pregnancy Week 14

Week 14 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby size: A lemon

My weight gain so far: Haven't weighed myself in over a week.  3 lbs as of last weigh in

Food Favs: Of course fruit in all shapes and sizes, carrot sticks, sweet bell peppers in slices, cheerios mixed with greek yogurt, Bragg's apple cider vinegar and honey drink, apple fritters, nuts, Jamba Juice's Aloha Pineapple smoothie

Foods hates:  The usual...garlic, chili, hard/strong cheeses, anything fried or fast food-y

3 Pros of Week 14:
1. This week has easily been my BEST week so far!  I walked the doodles 1+ miles most days, went to yoga twice, rock climbed, and felt so energetic
2. I have been able to eat some of the foods that made me want to hurl a few weeks ago--mild cheeses, eggs, soup (as long as it's mostly veggies and broth and super light).
3. My baby bump is much more visible depending on what I wear which is a lot of fun.  I don't mind people (so far) touching my stomach.  It's a great convo starter and people are just excited!

3 Cons of Week 12:
1. Back pain!  For the mid-back is SO achy and I can't bend over without a shooting pain
2.  No cravings yet, much to Ryan's dismay
3. My regular pants are almost unwearable.  Which isn't too sad, really.  I have just adjusted by wearing leggings and boots or winter dresses and tights.

Working out:
This is a new category that I wanted to add starting this week!  It's really important to me to be in excellent shape all of pregnancy and especially for labor.  This week I found a lot of success in being active.  I hiked a mile with the doodles, walked 2/3 of a mile with Ryan outside, we rock climbed about an hour on Monday, and I attended two yoga classes.  The more I workout the less nauseous I feel and the stronger I get.

Best moment of the week:
 Monday night I felt this little one moving around.  It's called "quickening" and can happen as early as 13 weeks for some women, on average around 16-20 week for most.  Anyway, it felt JUST like a little butterfly trapped in my uterus and was so much fun!
Ryan is doing a great job of keeping me a baby rested and fed.  He packs me snacks when we head out and is always on top of knowing what the little one is growing or able to do this week.  He is just excited as always this week!

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