Friday, March 13, 2015

Health Fair in Pijijiapan, Mexico.

When Ryan was in Mexico two weeks ago, I mentioned he had the incredible opportunity to assist at a Healing Water's hosted health fair.  He and the other team members spent a day teaching health and hygiene to over 100 kids about healthy habits to prevent sickness!  They hosted the fair at a project site in Pijijiapan, Mexico.

  Ryan worked on hand and nail hygiene, cutting fingernails, hand washing, and cleanliness.

This unfortunate reality is that 90% of the 30,000 deaths that occur every week from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions are in children under five years old.  Targeting kiddos with this education is CRUCIAL!


There was also a station to learn to brush teeth properly.  So cute!

Ryan also was able on the trip to meet this amazing woman, Josepha, pictured below.   She is 19 and was widowed last August.She  provides for her 3 year old daughter by working all day at the local market in Mexico. After working all day, she delivers clean water from a Healing Water's project site using her bike.  This little lady can haul 95 gallon bottles- that's over 400 pounds of water

Um, yes she is AMAZING (and so strong)!  The stories that come from clean water and the opportunities it provides for independence and life, is nothing short of mind blowing.


Here are a few other photos of the time spent in Mexico...

Cutting nails and working on teaching

A few other group members

This is the entire team posing after a long day working

So proud of my husband and the work that incredible opportunities that Healing Waters gives him and others.  It is such a gift to see this work unfolding.
With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. 

Isaiah 12:3

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