Thursday, March 19, 2015

Food Drives & Tutoring

I mentioned in this post that my nursing school group was conducting our research project this quarter at the lowest income school in Aurora, CO.  It was an AMAZING and eye-opening experience for all of us. 
Ashley, myself, Nylah, and Alissa
We learned that the school was the hungriest in the districy according to the principal and that the needs were just outstanding for all the children and families.
The group of ladies I had the immense honor of working with all have the biggest, most generous hearts.  The four of us organized a food drive for this school as our research winded down; we were just totally moved by our experience and felt energized to help.  I am so proud of our efforts and the outcome!!
The girls all organizing and packing the food
HUNDREDS of pounds of food were donated to the drive, enough to feed every child at the school  and their families approximately 1-2 dinners.  Many children do not eat evening dinners or over the weekends because of low-income households. 
Their two meals per day are the free breakfast and lunch at school.
Everything from vegetables, fruits, rice, noodles, cereal, soups, and more donated.  We filled 200 bags of complete meals and every kiddo took home a bag.
The final project--look at all that food!
Great job ladies!  It was so neat to have started this journey for a grade and our research, and to come out invested in this way.
I had also mentioned needing to get some volunteer hours in this quarter.  Ryan and I ended up signing up long-term with the local elementary school down the street in our neighborhood--so excited!!
  Our experience in Aurora was very compelling but as we live 40 minutes from that city it really wasn't sustainable.
The next best option was to invest in kiddos here in our town.  Every week Ryan and I spend about an hour tutoring a few kids and we love it!  We focus on second language learners.  Ryan works with his kiddo on reading and sciences while I spend time with my two girls doing reading, focusing on comprehension and vocabulary.
The school in our area is also among the lowest income schools in the area--90%+ of the attending children live at the poverty line and accept free/reduced lunches.  The need is very high in nearly every area at this school.
So one powerful experience led to another even more personal experience here in our own neighborhood.  We hope to invest long term and see real life changes in ourselves and those sweet kids we interact with!  This is something we are so thrilled and passionate about and will keep updating as the weeks progress
Therefore, whoever humbles himself life this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven...
Matthew 18:4


  1. What a wonderful idea volunteering at your school! What a blessing you and Ryan are! I pray we get a couple like you both in our church

    1. Vee it was SO much fun and I loved the time with those girls. I'm glad to have been a part of it!



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