Friday, March 6, 2015

A March List

Just a March list of what's happening for us this week...

1. Snow & Fireplaces

Our February in CO broke 100+ year snow records which meant a lot of snowy evenings in with tea, a fireplace, and a good book.  No complaints here.

2.  New baby chicks!

This Friday we have six new baby chicks coming to us!  We are so thrilled to have these littles and the best part is how dang fuzzy and little they are.  They will live in our office in a very large plastic bin (no lid) and a nice warm heat lamp.  Their food and water sources will of course be in their bin too.

Poppy and Grumps won't have access to them, thought they might get one very supervised peek at them.  They will live inside until they are the right age and the weather is appropriate for them to move to the outdoor coop.  Pictures to come!

3.  Cooking

Hallelujah I am cooking again!  Poor Ryan made almost all of our dinners the last 8 weeks because I either couldn't stomach the smells or was asleep already.  I made this white chicken lasagna, a favorite of ours, but actually lightened it up a lot.

There is always the option to make something healthier.  I subbed greek yogurt for sour cream, nixed the mayo, and cut the cheese in half.  Still yummy and better for us too

4.  Doodles

The picture on the left is Poppy playing with a raw egg I gave her.  They love to eat eggs and this little girl loves to dribble hers across the snow and play for 10 minutes before breaking the shell and actually eating.  

The picture to the right is them after a VERY snowy walk in the park

I only have two more weeks of Quarter 6! I'm thrilled to finish this up and start my Capstone soon (aka a final nursing internship in the spring).  Ryan is busy getting back into the swing of things at work.  We are both also starting to tutor at our local elementary school and I'll have news about that in a later post. We are very excited for the opportunity.

This weekend we get to see the Deckers to celebrate March family birthdays and who knows what other adventures.  Alrighty, I'm out! Have the best weekend

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  1. Your mantle looks so good. I remember when you first did that project! Very nice :D and can u send me that recipe?



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