Monday, February 16, 2015

Pregnancy Week 12 [updated!]

*I edited this to include my week to week pregnancy survery!*

I wanted to get this picture up before I forgot!  All I can say is that weeks 5 to 11 were ROUGH.  Nauseous every day, no appetite, beyond tired.  The nausea is what was killing me, my goodness!  It literally was like the flue for 6 straight weeks.

But some ladies have it so much worse and I won't complain because it seems week 12 is my golden hour :)

My appetite is definitely not fully back.  I eat to avoid blood sugar drops and nausea but on the whole I am awaiting the day that something sounds delicious!

We are so grateful to be growing and loving this little one already.  It blows our minds that a little Decker is living inside this uterus of mine!  Just WOW!  We are crazy about him/her already.

Week 12 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby size: A large plum!

My weight gain so far: 3 lbs

Food Favs: Citrus, lemon drops, greek yogurt, big salads, bell peppers, swiss museli, cold cereal, fruit, turkey sandwiches with cream cheese, popsicles

Foods hates:  Hmmm...what DOESN'T make this list??  Ground turkey, chili, soups, garlic, onion, greasy anything, fast food, so so so many things

3 Pros of Week 12:
1. Feeling stronger and a little less nauseous
2. Have the energy again to climb, hike, do yoga, get the dogs to the park
3. Wearing leggings and lots of comfortable soft clothing

3 Cons of Week 12:
1.  Peeing so many times during the night
2.  No real appetite still
3. No other big complaints!

Best moment of the week:
 Well this happened last week but we got to see our little one swimming around in there on our first ultrasound!  We were over the moon and went out to celebrate at our favorite restaurant after.

Ryan: He has been so thrilled with everything and is taking excellent care of me!  He is working on a frame for hte baby room, has already assembled a crib and a rocker, and looks up new info on the baby every day.  He is the greatest dad already!

Sons are a heritage from the LORD, children a reward from him.

Psalm 127:3

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